Top Halo Infinite Guns and Weapons for Multiplayer - Tier Liste

Top Halo Infinite Guns and Weapons for Multiplayer – Tier Liste

Top Halo Infinite Guns and Weapons for Multiplayer - Tier Liste

Top Halo Infinite Guns and Weapons for Multiplayer – Tier Liste

Halo Infinite carries a lot of weapons in its arsenal. We are now in 2022 and have worked hard to ensure that we have the best Halo Infinite weapons for our tier.

We have been working hard, enjoying every moment of it, and now we are confident enough to give you a handy tier listing of the best guns in Halo Infinite. Although not all of these guns are available on every map, it is worth having the list to help you check if your gun could be swapped.

Top Tier – The Best Halo Infinite Weapons

Here are the top Halo Infinite weapons. You don’t have to worry if they aren’t available – some weapons are ‘Power Weapons’ and are therefore only available for a limited time. It would be best if you still grabbed them as soon as possible.


The missing third letter is an “A” and not a “U”. The M41 SPNKR gun is extraordinary. The M41 SPNKR is essentially a rocket launcher. You get two shots before you have to reload. If you hit an enemy close enough, you will get a few free kills. Grab it as soon as you can.

To improve your SPNK-ing, look at our Halo infinite M41 SPNKR guide.

S7 Sniper

The sniper can zoom in at two distances and offer a one-shot headshot if it’s possible to land it. This gun is extremely powerful and can dominate cross-map engagements in a game with a slow time-to-kill like Halo Infinite.

You can also find helpful tips for the S7 sniper in Halo Infinite, so take a look at those to help you get better.

Energy Sword

The Energy Sword can be used to savage close-range. The Energy Sword will give you a greater range than standard melee attacks, allowing you to lunge forward and deal huge damage while striking down foes with it. Watch out for the reddish hue of your reticule and attack when it changes to red.

Take a look at the Halo Infinite Energy Sword Guide to get more information about this weapon.


The Skewer is great for Big Team Battle and other maps that have vehicles available. The Skewer can deal a lot of damage to vehicles and one-shot enemies. Although you can only fire once before you have to reload, you are good to go if that shot is successful.

Halo Infinite High Tier Weapons

These guns are not game-changing powerful, but they are great for trundling around with and relying on.

Shock Rifle

This weapon is somewhat unusual as it works better when supporting your teammates from far away. The shocking chain is spread to your friends by hitting an enemy. This means that you can do a lot of damage when firing at people in a large room. Even outside of this, it’s still a very damaging gun.

Our Halo Infinite Shock Rifle Guide provides more information and tips on using the gun.

VK78 Commando

The VK78 Commando, which you would like to be given at the beginning of a match, is what you want. It is accurate and powerful and can be used to eliminate enemies all over the map. Look no further if you are frustrated by the performance of your AR.


It’s an absolute treat. You can check out our Halo infinite VK78 Como guide to maximise your potential with this gun.


The Heatwave gun is a unique weapon. It offers shotgun-like performance at close distances and the unique ability to switch your shell orientation from a horizontal or vertical spread. You can also take out baddies by using the bullets’ ricochet.

You can find more information in our Infinite Heatwave guide!


It can fire fast-moving spikes at medium distances. Although it looks like a shotgun, it is a revolver-type weapon. This means you need to be very precise with it. It will do a great job if you’re accurate.

Why is it up at a high level? The melee damage. The Mangler gives you a one-shot, single-melee kill. This is extremely devastating if your foes can keep the distance. Try it with these tips from the Halo Infinite Mangler Guide.

Halo Infinite Mid Tier Weapons

This category holds the majority of Halo Infinite guns. These guys are solid, but you can improve them if you’re smart or lucky enough to find other weapons on the map.


The Ravager is another area-of-effect weapon that shoots powerful plasma shots in three groups. The Ravager is strong in close quarters. You can also charge it to create a fire, which will cause damage to those who pass through it.

This is a great tool to have fun with. It could allow you to get multiple kills in a limited area and possibly give you the chance of winning a Mythic Medal. You can learn more about it by reading our Halo infinite Ravager guide.

Gravity Hammer

For Halo fans, the Gravity Hammer is a favourite. Although it’s not as dominant as it should be, it offers one-shot kill potential when it’s close up. It can also be beaten by the Energy Sword when it’s unexpected. This one-shot range is not enough, so you will need to wait for the next shots.

We have great Halo Infinitegravity Hammer tips.

Sentinel Beam

This weapon is a continuous-firing beam weapon that can destroy shields. This gun is very useful as long as you can keep the beam off the baddie and are a skilled shot.

This is a favourite gun to use in the campaign. However, check out our Halo Infinite Sentinel beam guide for multiplayer use.

Stalker Rifle

It is difficult to use the Stalker Rifle due to its slow projectile velocity. However, if you can make it work and hit your moving targets, it does an amazing job of keeping its damage levels at longer ranges.

Our Stalker rifle guide will help you get the gun working properly.

Mk50 Sidekick

In many cases, the default secondary weapon performs better than AR! Although it’s a standard gun, the Sidekick is a great weapon for anyone with a quick trigger finger and good aim.

Do you want a detailed guide to using the Mk50 Sidekick? Check out our Sidekick guide for a more detailed look at the weapon.
Top Halo Infinite Guns and Weapons for Multiplayer – Tier Liste
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