Gears 5 Gets New Trailers Showing Co-Op Characters In Brutal Action

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The Coalition and Microsoft are releasing a sequence of trailers of the approaching 0.33-man or woman-shooter Gears five, showcasing its characters.

To be extra precise, we check the currently-announced co-op mode dubbed “break out” and at the characters you could select to clean it with pals or strangers.

Today’s trailer showcases Lahni Kaliso, a “ruthless adrenaline junkie.” Over the past couple of days, we also saw the “veteran searching for redemption” Jeremiah Keegan and the “outsider agent of chaos” Leslie “Mac” Maccallister.



They come with distinct competencies letting them perform distinct roles on the battlefield.

You can take a look at out all of the trailers for yourself underneath, and test their moves, which might be frequently quite brutal.

If you’re interested in Gears five, we were given lots of famous at Microsoft’s press briefing together with another cinematic trailer, the advent of the Escape mode, and the Terminator Dark Fate p.C..

You can also watch a cinematic cutscene from the tale introducing Fahz.

Gears 5 is coming on September 10 for Xbox One and PC. Those who’ve Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gets to play 4 days early.

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