The Bard’s Tale IV: Director’s Cut Launches August 27

InXile Entertainment has introduced that The Bard’s Tale IV: Director’s Cut will be launching on Windows PC, Mac, Linux (all through Steam and GOG), PS4, and Xbox One on August twenty seventh. There’s additionally a physical retail version coming to consoles on September 6th.

This upgraded model of the sport functions more man or woman customization alternatives, new items, new enemies, a remodeled UI, and a new dungeon. You can test out a trailer above.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

Hidden in the shadows, an evil has waited patiently. Until now. Who will face the darkness if now not you? A heroic journey offering 50+ hours of gameplay, 350 speakme parts, a Legacy Mode for returning fans, and over one hundred portions of extraordinary music!

The Director’s Cut brings extra character customization options, new objects, new enemies, revised UI, and a unfastened expansion dungeon.

Key Features:

  • Customize How You Play – Define the manner you play, using sliders on severa options which includes saving (including “shop anywhere”), the mini-map, waypoint markers and plenty of greater. Whether you are searching for a hardcore venture, a lighter experience, or something in-between, the selection is yours.
  • Create the Hero You Want To Be – Play as Bard, Fighter, Practitioner, and Rogue, each providing 60-70 capabilities and together unlocking 21 unique lessons. Build an array of characters to make each playthrough a unique experience.
  • Craft your Party, Your Way – Start your party with a single individual, recruiting or developing new heroes to bolster your ranks. Build a celebration that suits your play style!
  • An Adventure Around Every Corner – Explore cities complete of quest givers, combat your way via darkish and lethal dungeons, and navigate lovely rolling hills, dense forests, and icy wastes.
  • Outsmart Evil – Battle your enemies in dynamic, intuitive flip-based totally tactical combat, that rewards smart questioning. Use superior techniques, considerate positioning, and lethal mixtures to carry down your foes!
  • Unlock the Secrets of the Past – Unravel challenging mysteries. If your enemies don’t get you, the devious riddles and dangerous traps simply might.
  • The Blade’s Tale – The sense of discovery and mystery doesn’t stop with the environment. Gain ancient Elven weapons containing secrets that you’ll need to uncover by using carefully examining them.
  • New Song of Exploration Strugglers Lament” – Whether you simply want to explore and combat or if you get caught, virtually play this song to skip mandatory puzzles.

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