Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Teases New Weapon Customization System


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is just a few months away, but more information about the upcoming first-person shooter keeps trickling out. Ahead of following month’s multiplayer gameplay reveal, Activision pulled the curtain back on a new robust weapon customization system.

Modern Warfare reboot Launches for PlayStation 4 PC, and Xbox One on October 25.

The system Is called gunsmithing and it lets you find”the exact type and Type of firepower you need for any type of multiplayer game mode. You’re Permitted to customize both Primary and Secondary weapons to Your heart’s content things optics, like muzzles, magazines, And much more. But there’s a catch–five slots can fill on any weapon. An assault rifle will have nine different areas–the Muzzle, laser, optic, stock, rear grip, magazine, underbarrel, barrel, And a perk–but only five of them can be filled at once.


No additional details about gunsmithing were shown, but the post Asserts that Modern Warfare will boast an impressive array of options.We have a chance to check out the game’s new 2v2 Gunfight style , Noting that the mode is a superb reminder of what provides Call of Duty’s multiplayer its lasting popularity” It’s Very Likely that this new Style and gunsmithing is likely to create an appearance during Infinity Ward’s.

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