The Original Monster Rancher Is Getting A Re-release In Japan

Koei Tecmo has announced it is releasing a brand new version of the original Monster Rancher (known as Dragon Farm in Japan) sometime this year.

The company announced the news through the Japanese-language Twitter account for Monster Rancher as well as a teaser website.

Though we don’t know much. The wording about that launch points to it being an electronic one, which means we may not see a physical version for this interface.

We’re still missing some sticking points for any re-release of the title, however. For starters, we don’t know which platforms it is coming to only yet. Additionally, one of Monster Rancher’s major features as it released for the original PlayStation back in 1997 has been the capability to temporarily swap the Monster Rancher game disk for a different CD to create a new creature, a performance that might not be available from the re-release, or could be implemented in a new manner Of course, we do not know if it is going to come out in the West at all.

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