Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise Operators Amaru And Goyo Revealed


Throughout the Six Important Raleigh Invitational for Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft Showed gameplay footage for the game’s Forthcoming new Ember Rise Operators–Amaru and Goyo. The two Operators formerly leaked, as has nearly become customary for Siege now, but Ubisoft’s announcement has revealed that a few more details that weren’t previously understood.

Amaru is a Attack Operator armed using a grappling hook which enables her to quickly breach through windows that can’t be readily attained by other people or ascend up through ceiling boards which are not impossible to climb to by another Operator. Her hook just has four uses and there is a cooldown timer after she fires out it, so it is best used for recon or flanking Defenders, not escaping out of ambushes.

Goyo is a Defend Operator who will place a single portable shield that’s been booby-trapped using a Volcan charge. Destroying the shield causes it to explode and engulf the ground in fires, dealing significant damage to any Operator from the immediate location.

What Do Both Mean For Siege?

A whole lot really. A lot. The two Amaru and Goyo acknowledge parts of Siege which have been ignored or left unattended. We’ll obviously have to get our hands on the new Operators and see how the playerbase use their gadgets, but both are going to force the creation of new strategies–notably Amaru.


Defenders have never had a good reason to fortify floor panels before as attacks would typically just come from doors, walls, or the ceiling. Ash or even Hibana could destroy floor panels from below with their gadgets, Breaching Rounds and X-KAIROS respectively, and any Attacker may use a well-placed shotgun blast or grenade to perform it. Nevertheless, every previous Attacker then had to wait for a Defender to wander over to the hole that was established or lob up grenades and hope among Jäger’s Active Defense Systems weren’t neighboring. Amaru’s capacity to now ascend through those panels adds a threat that’s possibly important enough to alter how Defenders must think. At the very least, forfeiting a reinforcement barrier to shut a floor panel means one less barrier to shore up a wall or the ceiling. Defenders will have to understand how to be imaginative doing everything that they’ve needed to perform before but with fewer tools.

Which is not to say that Defenders are being left out in the cold, as Goyo’s gadget appears to be among the deadliest traps Siege has included. For too long, Attackers would just rush Defenders’ deployable protects or crush them out of the way. Frost eventually changed that, though patches have left her less effective in addressing this threat. But similar to Frost’s Welcome Mat, Goyo’s Volcan is probably going to create Attackers pause until they simply vault over a deployable shield–especially since Kapkan can booby trap the Volcan charge with his Entry Denial Device. Since Attackers have grown wise to how Kapkan can put his lands, his values has diminished, therefore Goyo’s inclusion to Siege could be what the Russian Operator should turn into a worthwhile pick again. Goyo functions as a worthwhile trapper on his own as well, since smashing or shooting Goyo’s gadget does not eliminate the barrier either; it simply arouses the Volcan’s fires early and creates a choke point the Attackers then have to manage. Since the flames spread out in all directions as well, Goyo’s snare may be used offensively against Attackers too–a kind of gadget which Defenders definitely want more of. At the minimum, Goyo will assist Defenders get control of a round by forcing an enemy group to slow down and not rush.

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