The Guy Game banned, goes straight to video

This past year, the appropriately named Top Heavy Studios introduced The Guy Game into the horror of parents and policy makers. The PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 2 game was a trivia-based voyeur adventure set deep in the core of spring break at notoriously wild South Padre Island, Texas. By correctly predicting the answers of boozed-up coeds, gamers could eventually see Girls Gone Wild-like footage of females “letting down their guard. ” It didn’t take long for one of those females in the match to come forward and sue the Bermuda shorts from Top Heavy, Microsoft, and Sony, for utilizing her visage (and much more ) without consent.

Or legal consent, instead. The pupil was, in fact, 17 years old at the time, making her minor and legally incapable of giving consent on such a thing. Now, it seems like the temporary holding sequence on the sale of this game has come to be quite permanent. On Your Guy Game Web site, Top Heavy states, “The rumors are true! The most controversial video game ever made – The Guy Game – is no longer available! ” Maybe. However, what to do with that footage of the game starlets in action? Response:

Pack it all to a DVD, name it The Guy Game: Game Over! , and sell it for $19.99. At a Too Hot for TV move, Top Heavy is including brand new movie footage and fresh women not contained in the match to the DVD, hence making the most interactive portion of the DVD pressing the “play” button. The actual bargain shopper will go for the special deal package, including the DVD and a hat and T-shirt emblazoned with The Guy Game emblem, for $39.99.

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