Tales of Arise


Outside of a couple of defeats, Bandai Namco continues to be storing details about Tales of Arise.

This TGS marks the very first time we have had information, due to another trailer and stage series.


We heard about the two chief characters, Shionne and Alphen, will soon be linked.

The set come from two different worlds.

He crosses paths with Shionne, who’s out of Rena, which Bandai Namco known as”a property of the divine.”

Shionne’s property of Rena has dominated over Alphen’s Dahna for the previous 300 decades, and it has not been pretty.

Rena, using its technologies, has depleted Dahna of its resources, maintaining them unhappy and subservient.

Tales Of Arise 190615 02


It hasn’t been divulged why, however her cohorts are, chasing Shionne, that has thorns growing throughout her body which hurt anybody who traces her if she matches Alphen.

Her experience with Alphen directs him to take the torch flame sword and also function to spare individuals of Dahna.

Apparently, she’s”secret motives” for turning her people and assisting Alphen along with the folks Dahna gain their liberty.

The match starts with make a new future and Shionne and Alphen trying to change their destiny.


He suffers negative effects, Though Alphen does not feel pain, which explains the reason why he may use the blade.


The trailer reveals lots of Alphen and Shionne’s energetic in action, but also will come with a tease: yet another personality.

Is that their shadow walking toward both as Alphen and Shionne operate to help, and falling.


It is stated that the group set a great deal of consideration but having the game catch the gist of the Tales series.

The watercolor art fashion will stay undamaged, but Bandai Namco said it is making the enemies seem much more menacing and more realistic this time around.


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