Contra Rogue Corps


Contra: Rogue Corps is a throwback to an era.

No, I’m not speaking about the right time of the NES, when Contra burst on the scene.

I am not talking about the time periods in which the series observed sequels on SNES and the Genesis .

Rogue Corps is reminiscent of the ancient part of last-gen — specifically, the part of the Xbox 360’s lifespan, that saw a deluge of badly implemented crap games.


Rogue Corp positions itself as a bombastic fragfest; a few of the four playable heroes is a machine-gun-toting panda, which means you can tell it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

That sense of freewheeling fun is absent from the actual gameplay, though its attempts at creating moments are foolish.

There is a kernel of a good idea with weapon upgrades, but it desperately has to be retuned.

Enemies drop weapon parts, which you retrieve at the end of a level.

Obtaining weapons can be a boon, but you’re subject to the luck of the draw.

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