Did EA Just Spill The Tea On A Return To Steam?

EA Twitter video has caused, although it Is only nine seconds long Something of a stir… and I don’t only mean the hot drink itself.

Even though It lacks music, sound, or even words of any sort, the very simple footage of an EA-branded mug pops onto a window sill has delivered PC players in a frenzy as the wordless tweet adds some credence to recent rumours that EA might be planning to attract at least a few of its catalogue back into Valve’s PC customer, Steam. Here, Have a peek yourself:

Have we been clutching at straws? Maybe. But it’s certainly an odd video to share, and comes only a couple of days after a Twitter user posted a screencap that signalled a change to Steam’s program config that intimates players might soon be able to run EA games via Steam, albeit with the proviso you will still need to launch EA’s games in its proprietary launcher, Origin.

EA and Steam went their separate ways foreveral years back when Electronic Arts launched its PC client, Origin. As the industry’s rest Opens up with cross-play, could be proof and softens that EA and Valve, also, are partnering up ? Can we see a number of Games that are older make the leap to Steam, such as the Mass Impact series, or Could EA games debut on the PC of Valve customer?

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