FURERABA FRIEND TO LOVER PC Latest Version Free Download

Fureraba Friend to Lover is a Adventure, Casual and Simulation game for PC publishthe PC from NekoNyan Ltd. In search of a girlfriend!

Fureraba Friend to Lover PC Game

It’s the beginning of the year and our protagonist is currently passing at this school that is . Help him find himself a girlfriend.

By way of instance, at the Ayumi lineup of X Connect, a woman moved to the faculty and boarded with a man host’s home. She was fearful and uncomfortable . These are but the butter is the woman showing her uneasiness following the lead takes, hesitates, and to discover the lead as sustenance. Thinking is that love? It does not appear to observe the lead.

This isn’t true in the writings of Hase. Hase believes from a perspective that is true. He’s his own ideas. He understands the latest expertise and frame of mind of Ayumi. Our protagonist is aware of what he must do at this instant. He does not care by a desire, but by an older brother about it. Then from this bit by bit, ayumi, discovered that she enjoys Ayumi, andAyumily took the initiative.

Features of Fureraba Friend to Lover:

  • Affection
    • Smee’s game incorporates affection into the game from the beginning, which is also the feature of the Wase script. On the other hand, this also injected a lot of vitality into the pure homologous Gal, which is severely homogenized. Therefore, even after the rain and snow had gone, ML was still silent for a year, and ASA’s new work, love, finally achieved both fame and fortune.
  • real
    • We discussed Smee with our friends before and finally came to the conclusion. Most pure love Gals pay more attention to the description of female characters, from the description of the heart to the shaping of the character, etc .; or the opening is full of favorability, then the male host becomes the seeder is inevitable.


Minimum System Requirements:

  • Processor: 1.3 GHz
  • Storage: 4 GB available space
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