ISTANBUL DIGITAL EDITION iOS Latest Version Free Download

Istanbul Digital Edition is a Adventure, Casual and Strategy match for the PC released by Mobo Studio at 2018. 100 board games!

Istanbul Digital Edition PC Game

A bunch of different board games for example a hundred official electronic versions of these. Undoubtedly the best one of its rivals.

That is really a race, and everybody is going to catch five rubies. It’s a problem for gamers to quantify their capacity also to select the ruby and also to enhance. The interaction between players is casual, and there’s not any opponent. Where there are other merchants to visit some location, ask each merchant. It could be averted, although it is not far to state. It is a contest to catch the ruby however it isn’t overly costly to take it. Players will need to struggle for five rubies having the action. There aren’t a lot of ways to interfere with the competition. Occasionally we must catch occasional chances

After we played with at Istanbul, the atmosphere wascold. Since we’ve seen many efficacy games. Players should to squeeze efficacy, do things a bit quicker struggle for products, and make more cash. This sport is a portion transformation match. You have to gather merchandise and convert them to convert the amount of components or convert the amount of elements. Players are more effective and quicker. We believe it is mechanized, although It’s its own strategy, it has its own challenges. That is a sport based on mechanisms, and also the subject matter is actually intriguing. We can convince ourselves to put money into this game’s age.

Features of Istanbul Digital Edition:

  • Very solid table! A mixture of Cargo Noir and Splendor
  • The influence of randomness is MINIMUM!
  • The key to success in the competent planning of moves with an eye to possible actions of competitors!
  • The five-player game (3-4 people + 1-2 bots) lasts an average of 30-40 minutes


Minimum System Requirements:

  • Processor: Dual Core 1.6 GHz or better
  • Graphics: DX9 (shader model 3.0) or DX11 with feature level 9.3 capabilities
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 650 MB available space
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