THE END INARIS QUEST PC Latest Version Free Download

The End Inaris Quest is a Adventure Action and Puzzle game for PC. A fox in a cyberpunk town!

The End Inaris Quest PC Game

Perform as a tiny fox trapped in a cyberpunk city filled with metals and robots and do your very best to assist others and find a way out.

Short action-adventure at the setting of cyberpunk having an odd character, specifically a fox. The way to be a fox at a cyberpunk town? — It is not simple, often you need to pretend to be dead and use your own creativity to lure enemies with buttons which open doorways for us or perform tasks necessary for passing .

There aren’t any complaints about the visual component, what’s in a nice level with audio, however, the gameplay is jagged. You will find bugs and the controller is quite odd, therefore I advise you to reassign the secrets before you begin playing.

Designerically varied,diversectural depressiexpressivenessgame, urban cyber-neon Manner of structuring, who favors simulation of creature manipulation, you need to like the job, plausible interaction with items, regular puzzles, probably a three-level plot was much better perceived Concerning the length of the gameplay, sadly, the Brief passage, essentially a fun, intriguing game

Features of The End Inaris Quest:

  • It is an action-puzzle as a game, but the difficulty is quite low.
  • There are very few stories at the moment. In other words, there are few parts that can be enjoyed as a game, and there is no impression other than “good atmosphere/world view”.
  • Operation is easy and there is not much stress in play.
  • Although it does not support Japanese, English is very easy and only sentence display (no sound), so if you can read English, you can play. If you can’t read it, you’ll know if you hit the automatic translation.



Minimum System Requirements:

  • Processor: Intel i3
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 560
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