Anima Gate of Memories The Nameless Chronicles is a Adventure Action and RPG game for PC by BadLand Publishing  Released. A hero to spare !

Anima Gate of Memories The Nameless Chronicles PC Game

A expect to be rescued into a man that is cursed with no name that has life and he’ll travel the entire of the world.

This match is really a combat RPG that clarifies the story of a person an alive doomed to roam the kingdom, without a name. He’ll be forced to have a part in a struggle, After the shadow of his background appears within his path.
However,… Will he be our final hope or our ending? Follow him into his days on a trip and discover the narrative back of Memories’ Gate.

The sport is just another videogame established from the globe of Gaia, by the Anima: Beyond Fantasy RPG table-top titles. You determine the close of the hero and may appreciate a novel where your choices and activities influence the excursion.

Characteristics of Anima Gate of Memories The Nameless Chronicles:

  • Use the Hand of Tanathos, a single action method that encourages our hero to create any charge changing temporarily one using the Death.
  • Customize your character playstyle each time you level up using a massive assortment of human talents, from spell to weapon techs, accentuating them in a standard RPG.
  • Epic struggles with enemies that are dangerous. Several competitions, all using gameplay mechanisms that are human and their private characteristics.
  • Give yourself with lots of weapons and artifacts with topnotch strengths and techniques.



Minimum System Requirements:

  • Processor: Dual Core chip
  • Pictures: Compatible with DirectX9 with 512 MB RAM or better (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 / ATI Radeon HD 5850 )
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 6 GB available space
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