HITOTSU NO MORI PC Latest Version Free Download

HITOTSU NO MORI is a RPG, Adventure and Action game for PC. Conquer the ghosts!


Quite a very long time ago, on account of the presence of ghosts, the individual world endured continuous damage and individuals were quite unhappy, so we must work together to conquer the ghosts and seal them!

The watercolor design, the audio is great, the combat is straightforward, and the heroine is beautiful. Even though it’s suggested to clear a point in 2 to three hours, taking into consideration the cost is still quite valuable, moreover, there doesn’t appear to be a recall manner after the match is finished, along with the archiving is a tiny problem but doesn’t affect ordinary play.

Even though the purchase price of this game is extremely low, the standard of the game is rather excellent. The image is enchanting and bright and also the colour mix is symmetrical, which is quite common. And every individual has their very own standing image, and power is added by the gap to the storyline of this match. The rendering of audio gives the game a sense of substitution and an excellent atmosphere. So as to be hard, there are lots of conflicts.

We could even use unique abilities to control it based on this classification of ghosts. It may be stated creatures can get purification factors to better their degree, and it is convenient, and after beating Monsters are not likely to be performed. It is very real. In the trunk, we must select our spouse. The game will enter endings that are various in accordance with your selection. So prior to picking it, it is far better to save file. The line is about 3 hours. This layout is acceptable for many players, so it’s still quite romantic (and Chinese layout ).

Characteristics of HITOTSU NO MORI:

  • Excellent short game
  • fantastic story
  • however a straightforward battle That’s never that tough
  • its the story and communicating one of the characters would be the Massive attraction to the match



Minimum System Requirements:

  • Storage: 1 GB available space
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