Ghost of Tsushima How to unlock the Gosaku Armor

Ghost of Tsushima How to unlock the Gosaku Armor

Ghost of Tsushima How to unlock the Gosaku Armor

You will find a lot of armor collections that are different that Jin can utilize to play with dress up to recover the island of Tsushima. A pajama is such as Samurai plates that are hardened ensemble, and much more. All of them seem pretty cool, plus they have various applications. You may prefer the ease of that the Traveler’s Attire, that’s the very best for exploration, but it is difficult to argue against the Gosaku Armor place in regards to battle.

This armor is at keeping you alive, excellent when it comes to battle sequences and supplies these bonuses:

  • Enormous growth to wellbeing
  • Major growth to stagger damage
  • Killing staggered enemy yields health

It is a armor set that is terrific and not overly strenuous to get. The toughest part is finding the pursuit giver.

To Acquire the Gosaku Armor

To be able to acquire the Gosaku armor, then you are likely to get to have started Act II and stormed Castle Kaneda. When you’ve finished the introductory pursuit to Act II,”A New Horizon,” you are going to have the ability to openly explore Toyotama, the region north of Izuhara. Go to Akashima Village, as noticed on the map over. You’ll discover in the middle of this village once there, talk to the artist.

Starting the quest will include six mark. You’ll have to travel into those six markers (all of farmsteads) and gather the keys that you have to unlock the place where Gosaku’s armor is secured off.

From here to the pursuit amounts to killing the Mongols at every farmstead going into the map mark, and collecting the keys. When you got all of six keys and have completed that, a place will be added into a map, then back in Akashima. Go there, locate Mongols, kill Mongols, and you will have the ability to access the place where you will accumulate the armor of Gosaku.

It is not hard as the quest giver can be found by you. That this armor provides, it is highly advisable to get this. It really can be a lifesaver as matters ramp up in trouble.

Ghost of Tsushima How to unlock the Gosaku Armor
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