Valorant Patch Notes 1.04, published on Tuesday (21), attracts significant news especially in representatives. One of the main highlights of this new FPS upgrade from Riot Games are nerfs in Raze and Brimstone. There were buffers on Viper along with a slight correction on Cypher. Additionally, the characteristic of displaying features was added into the menu that was pre-round. Changes to the secondary style and bug fixes of the Classic.

As a most important highlight, Patch Notes 1.04 by Valorant accounts four representatives. (Picture: Riot Games)

Agent Updates


  • Maximum time from this greatest until it dissipates has gone out of 5 minutes to 12 minutes.
  • Currently, Viper is going to have the ability to hold the ability key to reverse the ultimate sooner in this Patch Notes 1.04.
  • Enemies interior Poço Peçonhento is going to have the minimap obscured and won’t have the ability to give detection advice to allies from the minimap.
  • We raised the clarity of their enemies’ reddish glow at the border of Viper’s blurry vision.


  • Boost damage per minute on enemies out of 10 to 15 from any origin.
  • After departing the Viper’s smoke, then the corrosion will stay on the enemies for 2.5 minutes before it starts to dissipate.


  • Using both Poison Cloud and Hazardous Curtain skills active won’t absorb fuel past the standard amount used for a number of these.


  • Showstopper ultimate Price changed from 6 to 7 Ult points within this Patch Notes 1.04.


  • Ultimate Orbital Attack price shifted from 6 to 7 greatest factors.
  • Stimulating Beacon doesn’t more fortify enemies or exhibit its radius of impact.
  • Increased credibility of Brimstone’s arms.


  • Today, Cybernetics Cage could be chosen during the purchase period.

Weapon Updates


  • Fixed a bug that created the ideal button inaccuracy throughout the race considerably more than desirable in this Patch Notes 1.04. .
  • The mistake which didn’t apply any imprecision punishment once the participant jumped was fixed.
  • After conducting the dispersion was upgraded, it moved from 3.4 to 2.1.
  • Dispersion when leaping was updated, from 1.9 to 2.3.
  • What has been upgraded was on the ground, went from 1.9 to 1.95.
  • Additional a 10% precision bonus if crouching and standing still.

HUD and Interface

  • The older text box for the features of these weapons at the pre-round store was replaced with a picture representation of these, making it a lot easier to compare them.

Quality of Life

  • Today, audiences’ mini-map viewing cones will have colours which will differentiate groups.
  • Reyna’s dubbing in Spanish and Italian from Mexico was substituted in this Patch Notes 1.04. .

Elderflame Skins

Elderflame skins have had a few alterations. (Picture: Valorant)

  • Adjusted the Amount of the cartoon when arming the Elderflame Operator within this Patch Notes 1.04. .
  • Fixed a bug that caused the quantity to make louder and louder in case the participant armed the Operator immediately several days in a row.
  • Enemy footsteps now properly reduce aesthetic sounds.
  • Currently, the review cartoon of Confronto Elderflame will possess audio effects in levels 2 and 1.

Performance Updates

  • Adjustments to the goal were created the moment the participant pulled a weapon, the intention of Sage’s final as well as the highlights of characters that were allied, improving the operation of VRAM and GPU in such scenarios.
  • Minor causing performance fixes.
  • Today, weapon skin improvement animations will be exhibited through live streaming and no more saved locally, which decreased the size of this match setup by 380 MB.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the necessity which Reyna needed to have a look at the Soul Orbs so as to trigger them and preserve their recovery. This scenario should now come back to what it had been at Update 1.02.
  • Bug that caused Brimstone’s fumes to eventually become”one off” fumes when the participant’s camera has been near the very top of those.
  • There has been a bug that prevented Post-Shock out of Breach from causing harm to all figures (if a few were struck ).
  • Corrected that the oscillation that happened when the Sova drone attained its highest flight height.
  • Fixed a bug that asserted the precision of this Marshal rifle while the personality was shooting while walking.
    Some issues with transparency effects which were postponed in a framework (including the Jett advance( when utilized by the participant ).
  • Fixed a bug that triggered allies’ highlights not to look on several Intel and AMD Radeon GPUs when using MSAA.
  • The loading displays didn’t completely fill the monitor in the event the individual was playing certain resolution / aspect ratio mixes.
  • Reduced the size of the warning about photosensitivity in this Patch Notes 1.04. .
  • The”equip” button stayed grey when buying a skin version that was shown on the monitor.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in smoke from Brimstone from Haven to look outside the desirable location.
  • Typo which has been in Brimstone’s biography.


Patch Notes 1.04 leveled the playing area for both Brimstone and Viper. Viper has the game’s launch and has among the lowest levels of selection in Valorant. That’s why this choice was created by Riot Games. For all these reasons, she used to substitute Brimstone or even Omen . The gas which his teammates are still damaged by Viper releases, but he cries in

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