Sam 4 Serious Developer Confirms Talos Principle 2 ‘Definitely Happening’

Sam 4 Serious Developer Confirms Talos Principle 2 'Definitely Happening'

Sam 4 Serious Developer Confirms Talos Principle 2 ‘Definitely Happening’

Croteam affirms that The Talos Principle 2 is still in development and will become the focus after Serious Sam 4’s launching arrives.


Serious Sam 4’s September 24 launch is quickly approaching. Croteam drops its most recent first-person shooter tomorrow on PC and Stadia, with programs for PlayStation and Xbox aid in 2021. For the first time in years, Croteam now has the chance to contemplate what comes next. Together with Serious Sam 4 completed , the potential for revisiting other Croteam manufacturers grows. And one game in particular, The Talos Principle, seems to be something both Croteam and fans want to see revisited.

Speaking with PC Gamer, Talos Principle co-writer Jonas Kyratzes reconfirmed a sequel is in the works” Talos 2 is definitely occurring,” Kyratzes explained, even going so far as to detail Croteam’s progress thus far. “We definitely have a strategy, we have a pretty great story that I’m very happy about,” is as unique as Kyratzes gets. However he notes that writing Talos Principle two ‘s narrative was challenging since the first game wrapped up its own plot so well. As such, Talos Principle 2’s narrative is”very rough.”

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Beyond this, Kyratzes says that there’s been a”very small amount of pre-production for the sequel. “We have some knowledge, some images, some plans, some whatevers,” but things have been moving gradually as Croteam focused heavily on Serious Sam 4. Regardless of the heavy focus on Serious Sam 4, Kyratzes states Croteam has continued to have”a range of meetings throughout the previous year,” if only for its composing team.

Have a peek behind the scenes, and begin counting hoursbecause Serious Sam 4 launces TOMORROW! https://t.co/SSLtrNIyvy pic.twitter.com/c2EqhPR9wi

As for why more hasn’t gone into Talos Principle two yet, Kyratzes elaborated on Croteam’s attempts with Serious Sam 4. He explains just how to”the past couple of months of a match, everybody has steam coming from their ears,” suggesting they’re very focused to complete the project.

Kyratezes expects Talos Principle 2 advancement to move much quicker with Serious Sam 4 development complete. He explains how evolution moves faster with Talos Principle in comparison to Serious Sam, saying,”The moving parts are fewer. It is very challenging in other ways, but the technical part of it.” He blames Serious Sam’s thousands of enemies and having to”deal with guns and god knows what” as why Talos Principle is easier compared.

The first Talos Principle was actually created after the team had started on Serious Sam 4, but decided to change directions. Jonas Kryatzes was introduced on as a writer at Croteam subsequently, with more than 80 percent of the game’s puzzles previously finished. Together with Talos Principle two ‘s narrative already done, development is likely in reverse compared to the first game. However, after 6 years of greatly focusing on Serious Sam 4, Croteam’s probably prepared for something different.

6 years of creating the technically remarkable Serious Sam 4 using its thousands of enemies on-screen and co-op functionality bodes well for a Talos Principle sequel. If Croteam was able to produce the mind-bending mysteries of the original Talos Principle with this kind of outdated tech, it’s certain to ramp up the creativity with a sequel. It can be years before Croteam is prepared or able to talk more about Talos Principle two , but Croteam seems equipped to make it worth the wait.

Sam 4 Serious Developer Confirms Talos Principle 2 ‘Definitely Happening’
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