Spotlight Hours for October 2020 Revealed Pokemon GO

Spotlight Hours for October 2020 Revealed Pokemon GO

Spotlight Hours for October 2020 Revealed Pokemon GO

Spotlight Hours for October 2020 Revealed Pokemon GO

With fall in full swing at the northern hemisphere, new Pokemon in Pokemon GO will probably be receiving their very own spotlight hours for the month of October.


October is coming soon in real life and at Pokemon GO. With it, a great deal of new incidents and Pokemon will be appearing as the leaves begin to fall and Halloween gets nearer .

One of the things that trainers in Pokemon GO need to look forward to is your upcoming spotlight hour occasions. These mini-events only last for an hour as its name implies with the spawn rates of one species of Pokemon increasing by this hour alongside other benefits.

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The October spotlight hours will happen every Tuesday throughout the entire month at 6:00 pm in players’ local occasions. There aren’t any special tasks involved in these events, so players only have to focus on grabbing Pokemon to benefit from the function.

The dates and subjects of the upcoming spotlight hour events in October are:

  • October 6th, 2020 – Globe Cap Pikachu
  • October 13th, 2020 – First Cap Pikachu
  • October 20th, 2020 – Shuppet
  • October 27th, 2020 – Duskull

In addition to such Pokemon having greater spawn rates throughout the event, there are also other benefits. Throughout the World Cap Pikachu spotlight hour event on the 6th, players will receive twice as much XP for catching Pokemon. On the 13th with First Cap Pikachu, gamers will get twice as much candy for catching Pokemon. Together with Shuppet on the 20th, players will earn twice the amount of candy for transferring Pokemon. Finally, on the 27th using Duskull, players can get twice the amount of XP for evolving Pokemon.

Shuppet is a ghost-type Pokemon that can evolve into Banette. Banette is also a pure ghost-type Pokemon using the max CP of 2298. Its best potential moveset is Shadow Claw along with Shadow Ball. This Pokemon additionally can mega evolve in the base Pokemon games and may get its mega evolution sometime soon in Pokemon GO.

Duskull is just another pure ghost-type Pokemon that evolves into Dusclops. After evolving, Dusclops can develop into Dusknoir with all members of their Duskull family being pure ghost-types. Dusknoir gets the max CP of 2388 and is resistant to fighting, normal, insect, and poison-type Pokemon. Its best potential moveset is Hex and Psychic.

For the cap Pikachus, the two of these will keep their accessories on evolving into Raichu. With there being two distinct Pikachu spotlight hour occasions in October, they will both provide a lot of opportunities to build up Pikachu candies to evolve and electricity up their Pokemon. Yet more, these events will continue only for an hour starting a 6:00 pm players’ local times, so trainers should prepare ahead.

Spotlight Hours for October 2020 Revealed Pokemon GO
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