Review Roundup Serious Sam 4

Review Roundup Serious Sam 4

Review Roundup Serious Sam 4

Following a gap of roughly nine decades, Serious Sam 4 releases now, telling the narrative of the events which resulted in its predecessor match, Serious Sam 3: BFE. This first-person shooter is manufactured by Croteam and released by Devolver Digital. It will also be the narrative of Sam”Serious” Stone and his quest to conquer a conquesting horde trying to take over Earth.

Fans of this series had to wait for a very long time to find an opportunity to play with Serious Sam 4, and lots of folks were expecting that the prequel would provide on which folks have come to expect out of 2020’s degree of quality matches. The game titles itself as being filled with explosives, one-liners, and sci-fi-themed violence, which tries to create the whole game an extreme but humorous encounter, and also the cheesy action-packed Serious Sam 4 trailer hints this is going to be the situation.

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Nowadays, many online books are unleashing their inspection teams around the activity game. It is time to determine whether the most significant video game releases of September 2020 will fulfill the hype and expectations. It is not often a console studio that becomes nearly a decade to operate on its next launch, and a few fans could be considering their seven years between The Last of Us and The Last of Us two, which were both enormously very well-received. Can Serious Sam 4 bring something new into the franchise, or does it rely only on the nostalgia factor from people who loved the first three games?

IGN (Dan Stapleton)

“Much like most of the previous Serious Sam games, the major notion in Serious Sam 4 is”But suppose there were more enemies?” There is not much more to it than that. This type of run-and-gun activity is challenging, it’s just getting played out, and the yields on the expense of slightly increasing the enemy count and incorporating dual-wielding have diminished. The selection of bad men thrown is remarkable. Still, there are not enough fascinating weapons to help keep the conflicts from becoming dull, and also, the deficiency of drop-in co-op is inexcusable in this day and age.”

Score: 5/10

PC Gamer (Tyler Wilde)

“Serious Sam 4 is enjoyable, and particular ridiculously massive battles should get buddies giggling together in co-op as they fight to hose lines of aliens using lasers. It is profoundly janky, however, and the greater scale is not quite as magical as I’d expected. Where the brand new Doom games invoke the soul of a classic with modern genius, this is only more Serious Sam.”

Score: 71/100

Destructoid (Chris Carter)

“It is an elementary review for an easy game, people. Serious Sam 4 does not wildly reevaluate the formulation; and actually, it does not have to. There is lots of space for old school design FPS games in a sea of looter shooters and games-as-a-service titles.”

Score: 7.5/10

The Gamer (Peter Glagowski)


“Rushed is essentially the perfect way, to sum up, Serious Sam 4. In development for about eight decades, I envision the present international pandemic played a major part in how scattershot everything is. In its heart, the weapon texture and ancient level designs are not bad. There is a good game buried under those bizarre options, but Croteam appears to get pushed it out the door with very little finesse. One evening, Serious Sam 4 could be a fairly strong little get. As it sounds, I can not find this fourth iteration resulting in anything greater.”

Score: 2.5/5

TheSixthAxis (Steve C)

“Serious Sam 4 is a natural development for the collection. There’s nothing revolutionary here, but it’s only such extravagant and silly fun to perform with. The endless number of stadium battles should start to feel repetitive; however, the gunplay and challenge will be perfectly pitched, so every one provides a satisfying adrenaline rush. While not a real modern upgrade like people of Doom and Wolfenstein, this first-person legend comes out firearms and, let us be serious for a minute, that is exactly what we wanted him to perform.”

Score: 8/10

Shacknews (Josh Hawkins)

“Serious Sam 4 is enjoyable to play and a much bigger joy in case you attract co-op to the mixture. If you are a fan of this show, then you are likely to feel right at home. If you have never played with a Serious Sam game, then do not go into it expecting the identical degree of the storyline since story-driven games, since you are not likely to find it .”

Score: 7/10

Strike of this Fanboy (Brandon Adams)

“It is such a pity, it all. There are moments where you can steal the wildest glimpse of bliss from Serious Sam 4. When a battle is firing on all cylinders, and the Legion System is not crashing your PC, Serious Sam 4 is still a good piece of old-school shot goodness. However, in adhering to its guns, Serious Sam 4 ends up having an aggressively mediocre experience.”


Windows Central (Zackery Cuevas)

“Serious Sam 4 could have been a reboot of types, reintroducing the match to the masses such as DOOM did when it started in 2016. However, while DOOM 2016 caught the run and weapon of elderly matches with unmatched polish, Serious Sam 4 is plagued with faulty pacing, artificial difficulty, and terrible demonstration. Couple all this with a $40 price tag, and you are better off with some of those elderly Serious Sam games.”

Score: 2.5/5

In general, it seems like people’s primary complaints are that Serious Sam 4 does not bring something new to the show or the genre as a whole, that continually begs the question of what the intent of producing the sport was. Some individuals appreciate the encounter, though nostalgia for the older games might have colored this, which many critics admit. With games nowadays becoming increasingly expensive, players need to pick and choose what they are going to invest their money on, and a few of those critics don’t appear to trust this game would be well worth the $40.

It is disappointing when a game which has this much time to enhance itself does not wow crowds; also while (to draw the earlier mentioned example) The Last of Us two had any controversy, even compared with other installments having this form of a gap, critics mostly agree Serious Sam 4 does not do enough with all the time it needed to make it. When the devs were hoping to capitalize on nostalgia, it seems like they dropped short on developing a game that could bring new players into the franchise and benefit the long-time buffs for its wait.


If players have the ideal system demands for Serious Sam 4they could try out the game to themselves, while remembering the criticism people have regarding the sport. However, since many critics stated, the game has some exciting moments, and individuals who would like a more campy FPS can find themselves loving Serious Sam 4.

Review Roundup Serious Sam 4
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