What Happened to Jenny Kirk Red Dead Redemption 2:

What Happened to Jenny Kirk Red Dead Redemption 2:

What Happened to Jenny Kirk Red Dead Redemption 2:

What Happened to Jenny Kirk Red Dead Redemption 2:

When lovers do not become explicit details about what happened to some game’s characters, it is often up to people who play the game for hours and spend some time crafting complicated theories, along with also the Red Dead Redemption two-player foundation is notorious for it. 1 definite RDR2 enthusiast theory will shed some light on the destiny of a single member of the Van der Linde gang, especially, who murdered her following her departure.

Red Dead Redemption two is famous for using a well-rounded cast of characters by the protagonist Arthur Morgan along with some other members of Dutch’s gang, to more amusing characters such as Colm and Micah. Some gamers that have not spent a whole lot of time from the sport lately might have forgotten Jenny Kirk, a part of this gang that had been injured in the shootout through the postwar robbery and died from her injuries while the gang had been visiting Colter.

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The actual question on a few fans’ minds is that murdered Jenny Kirk since it is already evident literary the way she joined the gang and the way she died. Reddit consumer ThisDangLaptop brought this up puzzle during one of the many replays of all Red Dead Redemption two. The consumer noticed that Lenny cites that the gang must give Jenny a”proper burial” from the hills, also added that they are sure they could detect Jenny’s tomb with a mark.

Since Rockstar is famous for its comprehensive games, some players find it difficult to think that it would not neglect to bring advice for who murdered Jenny, and if. Many people agreed that a throwaway detail shows Tilly is the person who murdered Jenny, which Tilly cites this to Lenny in a random experience.

As there are so many discussions and details in Red Dead Redemption two, it can be easy for gamers to overlook unwanted comments that NPCs create, particularly when they’re non-plot-relevant details such as who played Jenny Kirk’s closing rates. But because RDR2 is this a fleshed-out world, a lot of men and women enjoy finding every puzzle and motive for certain events, however little. Additionally, it is simple for players to have connected to particular NPCs, particularly if they’re using them when they are dying or dead.

Either gamer needs to resign themselves into missing some dialog or details, or else they need to code-dive, or they can simply play the game repeatedly and place a lot of hours. For those that are enthusiastic about the complex masterpiece, they visit Red Dead Redemption two as that period may be well worthwhile.

What Happened to Jenny Kirk Red Dead Redemption 2:
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