Modern Warfare Players Discover New Search and Crash ‘Blender’ Exploit

Modern Warfare Players Discover New Search and Crash 'Blender' Exploit

Modern Warfare Players Discover New Search and Crash ‘Blender’ Exploit

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare,players can take part in a Manner called Search and Destroy. In this mode, two teams fight in a battle over a heap of explosives. When one set of Modern Warfare players defeats another, the teams change attack and defense functions, and the material is enjoyed by many in the Call of Duty community.

While most Hunt and Destroy conflicts are straightforward, a brand new exploit has been circulating that creates a challenging situation for fans to deal with. The exploit was dubbed’The Blender,’ and lovers are rapidly learning about its own match-ending potential.

The thought behind’The Blender’ would be to flip a planted bomb into a literal meat grinder by putting a Trophy System where the bomb is going to be placed. By planting the bomb there, it will float above the ground and create a place of effect burst when players toss a throwing knife perpendicular to the bomb, which causes them to start spinning through the air. With numerous knives set up, if players destroy the Trophy Method it creates an elaborate trap that simplifies the bomb. Fans should be warned that knife positioning is important, as any misaligned knives have a prospect of not changing properly and generating the intended effect.

The key is simple, as when a participant approaches the bomb to disarm it they will rather hit at least one of the spinning knives. This results in the knife to immediately kill an attacking player, which prevents the bomb from being touched in any way.

For enemies oblivious that this exploit exists, the result can lead to instant death and a loss. In Search and Destroy, defusing the bomb is the only method to acquire a round for the defending side after it’s been placed. If no players can get close to it, the tap can cause an instant win to the offensive side.

With how rapidly the exploit is being shared, together with its impact on the game mode, there’s not any doubt in most fan’s minds that Infinity Ward will notice its use. The Call of Duty community is anticipating that the issue to be patched, but until then fans should watch out for flying knives. In the end, until this is fixed, there is always a possibility that this exploit may appear and finish the game early like preceding bugs.

Modern Warfare Players Discover New Search and Crash ‘Blender’ Exploit
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