Kojima Productions Artist Reveals Last of Us Artwork

Kojima Productions Artist Reveals Last of Us Artwork

Kojima Productions Artist Reveals Last of Us Artwork

Now is The Last of Us Day, a holiday dedicated to celebrating Naughty Dog’s modern gaming classic The Last of Us and its sequel. In prior years the event moved from the title Outbreak Day, but Naughty Dog made a decision to rename it given the present condition of the world in regards to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.

September 26 holds particular significance within the lore of The Last of Us, because that is the day the cordyceps uterus broke out and generated the critters that players struggle in the match. The real-life vacation is generally marked by new product, artwork, and fan contributions. This year is the same, and also a renowned gaming performer has provided their own unique treatment of the The Last of Us’ dear characters.

Kojima Productions’ Yoji Shinkawa released a piece of art featuring Joel, Ellie, and Abby. Shinkawa is perhaps best known for his iconic watercolor style featured during the Metal Gear Solid franchise, which might be making a comeback on the PlayStation 5. Shinkawa previously worked for Konami using Metal Gear’s creator Hideo Kojima, but followed him when he left to form an independent studio and operate on Death Stranding.

Other things announced to celebrate The Last of Us include an exclusive vinyl of The Last of Us 2’s soundtrack using a two-sided cover, 1 side featuring Ellie and another featuring Abby. There are also upcoming statues from Gaming Heads and Japanese company Mamegyorai. The Last of Us will also be turned into a board game courtesy of tabletop developers CMON, though that seems to be a ways off as there aren’t any concrete details offered for it.

For fans who want to get in on the fun, Naughty Dog released an Ellie cosplay guide that features detailed looks at each part of her character design. Naughty Dog is known for detail in its matches, going so far as to study and replicate real-life eyeballs. Naughty Dog is also hosting a Photo Mode Contest with the in-game camera characteristics of The Last of Us two .

Not everything has come directly from Naughty Dog however, as one enthusiast showed with a considerate supercut of all of the happier moments in The Last of Us series. The world of The Last of Us is usually gloomy and bleak (even its day of celebration commemorates a zombie epidemic ), but exactly what many fans enjoy about the series is that the heartfelt and hopeful moments that take place between Naughty Dog’s characters.

Kojima Productions Artist Reveals Last of Us Artwork
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