Tell Me Why Guide Walkthrough

Tell Me Why Guide Walkthrough

Tell Me Why Guide Walkthrough

Tell Me Why Guide Walkthrough

Our guide to inform me is a selection of numerous essential details concerning the game. It comprises a walkthrough, description of controllers, system requirements, and data regarding the match length.

With our guide, you may easily get all accomplishments. We’ve created pages on that we correctly described each of the accomplishments which may be unlocked from the game. The manual can allow you to find out what has to be performed and research the very best opportunities to become individual accomplishments.

We have prepared a walkthrough where you’ll get a comprehensive description of every chapter of this game. You are going to find out ways to enter computers, the way to get secrets and get information from folks. In this manner, no mystery is going to be a puzzle for you.

Within our guide to inform me you will also find the locations of all of the secrets offered from the sport. This way you can certainly locate the whole collection.

Game info

  • Achievements guide
  • Game variants
  • Game span
  • Game information

Tell me is a three-episode experience sport. Your job would be to stick to the narrative of twins Alyson and Tyler. The wolf reunites after decades of separation and attempt to recall all the specifics of the hard childhood, in addition to the strangest night of their own lives.


Inform me why was designed by Dontnod Entertainment, renowned for Life Is Strange.

Achievements guide

Within our guide, you’ll get a thorough description of all of the accomplishments you’ll be able to unlock in Tell Me Why.

You may locate our decoration guide.

Tell me has 3 chapters. You can just buy them at a place for $29.99.

More info about particular editions of this game is located in another part of the manual.

Game length

Tell me consists of 3 chapters. Each has a particular length. It is your decision the way you steer your playthrough. You are able to learn more about the game place thoroughly or you may just go head directly for the end.


You will discover more about the amount of sport in a different part of the manual.


Tell Me Why Guide Walkthrough
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