Remake May Not Be In 4K PS5

Demon’s Souls Remake May Not Be In 4K PS5

Remake May Not Be In 4K PS5

Remake May Not Be In 4K PS5

Many in the gaming community have anticipated the remake of the cult classic Demon’s Souls. Considering that the game’s initial release back in 2009, it became the precursor to the favourite Dark Souls series, but also obtained a sizable, dedicated group of fans. Now, with the remake of Demon’s Souls only a few months away from its launch, some disconcerting news has started to surface.

Ever since Bluepoint Games initially unveiled the presence of the Demon’s Souls movie during the PS5 reveal event, numerous fans of the first game have been eagerly anticipating the game’s release later this year. Bluepoint’s remake of Shadow of the Colossus was received by most in the gaming community, thus producing the remake of Demon’s Souls highly expected by many lovers. Though, fans may not be playing the sport in the quality they want to.

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According to a recent report made by Digital Foundry, the movie of Demon’s Souls won’t meet the standard next-gen expectations in terms of graphical quality. All next-gen games are expected to operate at 4K 60fps, whereas Demon’s Souls can allegedly simply run at 1440p 60fps. This information comes in stark contrast to this impressive gameplay footage of Demon’s Souls exhibited at the current PS5 occasion.

For people who care tremendously about video quality and frame rates, if this information is true, then it is rather unfortunate. Especially considering that there are now no plans to port the Demon’s Souls movie to PC, thus there will not be a way for players to access widespread mods to boost the images to the quality that they want and their screen or tv supports.

Although, having said all this, it’s important to take this news with a grain of salt. After all, the game remains nearly two months away from release. Hence, the developers still have plenty of time to iron out any sort of graphical hiccups the game might or might not have. Though, this may potentially increase the Demon’s Souls’ game file size, making it bigger than it is.

In any situation, 1440p is just 1 echelon below 4K video quality, so for most players, this difference in video quality shouldn’t be too big of a discrepancy. That’s of course, if the game can only operate at 1440p, in which case, it’s still ultimately a huge increase in quality when compared with the PS3 version of Demon’s Souls.

Demon’s Souls Remake May Not Be In 4K PS5
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