Grant Kirkhope Wants to Compose the Super Mario Movie Score

Grant Kirkhope Wants to Compose the Super Mario Movie Score

Grant Kirkhope Wants to Compose the Super Mario Movie Score

Grant Kirkhope Wants to Compose the Super Mario Movie Score

Even though the movie has been in talks for quite some time now, it has been announced that the Super Mariomovie will soon be hitting screens in 2022. Helmed by Illumination Studios – the team behind the acclaimed Despicable Me trilogy, its own Minions spinoff series, and the current animated movie of The Grinch – Mario looks all set to make his initial big-screen appearance since the unanimously panned Super Mario Bros film that debuted in 1993.

Of course, a huge part of any Mario project Is the music, and it appears there is already a composer who’d like nothing more than to find a crack in Illumination’s take on the personality. That musician is none other than Grant Kirkhope, the guy behind the music for Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64, and Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.

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Talking on the Kiwi Talkz podcast, Kirkhope maintained that his present aim is to find himself involved in the approaching Illumination Studio undertaking, with the hopes of writing for its adaptation. Though he claims the aim is one he’s unsure he’ll be able to finish he cites his expertise working with Nintendo on Mario + Rabbids, asserting that above all else, the company will want a composer who understands the property and can do it justice. “I know Mario and that I understand Nintendo. I know what they’re like about protecting their songs,” he states when discussing the topic, making the point that his previous work has proven that he understands”how to honor Mario.”

Regrettably, Kirkhope appears to believe that it’s something of an improbable goal, together with the musician admitting that Illumination will likely bring in a Hollywood composer to attack the film instead. But it definitely seems like Kirkhope is going to fight to get himself in the running for the situation, teasing he has a couple of connections that he’s expecting can get him nearer to securing the function. Obviously, the Super Mario movie is currently at the early phases of production, with the composer pointing out that there isn’t a director or producer attached to the undertaking.

Seeing as Nintendo likes to ensure multimedia Mario products align with The quality of the franchise’s movie games, it would definitely make sense to hire somebody who’s worked with all the character in the arrangement before. Irrespective of his previous experience with Mario specifically, Grant Kirkhope is also only a legendary composer from the gaming arena, having worked on some of Rare’s most iconic releases in addition to a handful of other exceptional titles. His long list of credentials means he will be in a position to helm the songs for Mario’s next cinematic experience when it premieres in 2022.

Grant Kirkhope Wants to Compose the Super Mario Movie Score
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