Spelunky 2 Patch Makes Opening Area Easier

Spelunky 2 Patch Makes Opening Area Easier

Spelunky 2 Patch Makes Opening Area Easier

Spelunky is back and as challenging as ever. Spelunky Two published in mid-September on PS4, followed by a late-September launch on PC. Even though Spelunky Fans have been enjoying the new roguelike, it lives up to the predecessor’s high difficulty. In fact, the difficulty might have been a little too high, as at a recently-issued patch, Spelunky 2’s first phase was nerfed somewhat.

Just two mentions of the Dwelling are awarded specifically in Spelunky 2’s 1.12.1e patch notes. First, Mossmouth tuned down monster exude possibilities throughout the Dwelling, which fills out Spelunky 2’s 1.1 through 1.4 levels and constitutes the entirety of this point. The second change concentrates specifically on 1.4, the closing level from the Dwelling phase . That level will feature more room selection, which should give it a different feel from the other three.

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It’s unclear if these are all of the changes intended for Spelunky 2’s Dwelling, or when Mossmouth is happy with the new state of the region. In a post to the community boards such as Spelunky 2 on PC, Mossmouth explained how enemy and trap spawn rates were a focus, in addition to making 1-4″more interesting.” Part of the problem, Mossmouth states, is that new players are trying to kill each enemy instead of avoiding trouble. It is unclear how to address this human-level problem with a patch, however.

Hopefully, the results of The patch would be that fewer moles leap from nowhere to kill the player And that arrows won’t be as inclined to destroy a jog before it even gets started. Understanding Mossmouth, these issues will persist, however, they could be less common.

Spelunky 2 Patch Makes Opening Area Easier
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