Call of Duty: Warzone Players Find Leatherface’s House from Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Call of Duty: Warzone Players Find Leatherface's House from Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Call of Duty: Warzone Players Find Leatherface’s House from Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Call of Duty: Warzone recently kicked off Its Halloween occasion, bringing lots of horror-themed changes like pumpkin heads, game styles, as well as outfits. Among those terrifying costumes added to Warzone is that the horror film killer Leatherface, and it feels like his addition to the game includes more than only a new skin.

The House of this Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s iconic personality can be found on the upgraded Warzone map. When researching the Farmland place, a haunting blue apparition of Leatherface could be seen lurking at the top window of a large farmhouse. When players step within the building, it becomes instantly obvious that something isn’t appropriate, as the sounds and sights inside the home are unlike anything found at Warzone up to now.

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Players can stumble upon the home naturally when looking for Warzone’s Trick or Treat Boxes, even though they will probably wish they hadn’t done so when they view it within the dreadful construction. Captured on video from Call of Duty Participant The Legendary Borac, Leatherface’s home is covered in blood and guts. Gory lumps of the body components are located on the kitchen counter and tables tops, with blood flow on the fridge. The rugs of the home are littered with much more blood, and while the residence is visually irresistible, the noise design creates this easter egg really unique.


Terrifying music may be Heard inside the home, always playing as The Legendary Borac investigates the chambers. The participant soon discovers what happens when waiting in the home for too long, but as Leatherface’s chainsaw may be observed inside the loft. Since the Warzone enthusiast approaches the measures and gradually works up to their way into the loft, an individual may expect a confrontation with all the horror film icons. Players won’t have to have their own Pumpkin Punisher firearms prepared when researching the home, however, since the ghost fades off as well as the chainsaw sound stops completely when The Legendary Borac reaches the origin of the sounds.

However, even with No physical danger, Leatherface’s house is certain to ignite fear in gamers searching for information in the Haunting of all Verdansk. For fans who’ve appreciated the Leatherface articles in Modern Warfare so much, asserting the unique Texas Chainsaw Massacre calling card will surely be rewarding. Discovered via a unique easter egg at the trailer for your Warzone Halloween occasion, the particular calling card is totally themed about Leatherface like his Farmland home.

It’ll Be interesting to determine whether Warzone’s additional playable killer, Jigsaw, will find the identical love that Leatherface appears to be getting from Infinity Ward. Possibly a distinctive place on the map to your SAW killer exists and has not yet been found, but even though it does, it’s a great deal to live up to whether it needs to match the temptations to be had in Leatherface’s home.

Call of Duty: Warzone Players Find Leatherface’s House from Texas Chainsaw Massacre
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