Deep Rock Galactic Adds Two New Missions

Deep Rock Galactic Adds Two New Missions

Deep Rock Galactic Adds Two New Missions

Deep Rock Galactic Adds Two New Missions

Deep Rock Galactic is getting its first Bit of post-launch content in the kind of two brand new missions. As an additional bonus, the material is completely free for anybody who owns the game.

The multiplayer First-person shot from Ghost Ship Games and published by Coffee Stain Publishing launched earlier this year on PC, and also this brand new upgrade is your first-time fans will have the ability to test out extra content. Deep Rock Galactic is currently among those longest matches on PC, since it could take over 150 hours to conquer, and so the new assignments will make sure that players have more to do.

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Lately a new Trailer announcing that the upgrade was started on YouTube, together with a blog article. “Update 32” brings new assignments, new makeup, and much more to the cave vented roguelike, among the greatest of 2019. The upgrade also sees a fresh bit of compensated DLC, the Roughneck Pack.

The first new assignment is Known as On-Site Refining. Players must find and gather Liquid Morkite, and also the assignment comprises a brand new pipeline system for rapid traversal throughout the mines. Escort Duty is the title of the upcoming new assignment, which is combat-heavy, as players need to look for the mysterious Ommoran Heartstone. This assignment does not seem too secure, so players need to maintain their feet.

The upgrade also Includes plenty of fresh cosmetics, in addition to a new mission. Players can jump in as a stunt that is solo, or else they could play on the internet with friends in the newest upgrade, in among those better co-op matches lately.


Deep Rock Galactic Adds Two New Missions
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