Destiny 2 Theory Thinks Old D1 Image Could be Significant

Destiny 2 Theory Thinks Old D1 Image Could be Significant

Destiny 2 Theory Thinks Old D1 Image Could be Significant

Destiny 2 Theory Thinks Old D1 Image Could be Significant

Somehow or another, it’s somewhat difficult to accept that Destiny has been around for a very long time. The establishment actually feels new to many, yet at the same time, the arrangement additionally seems like it has been with gamers for so any longer. Alongside appreciating the game itself, numerous fans have a good time staying aware of news, estimating what could come straightaway, and basically investing energy inside the universe of Destiny. As of late, one fan discovered something staggeringly captivating when burrowing through pictures of the first Destiny, as it could allude to content that is still in transit for Destiny 2.

The legend of Destiny is immense to the point that entire Reddit pages are committed to discovering the game’s secrets. r/RaidSecrets is a page committed to the mysteries and stunts of Destiny. It is intended to be where trackers can get together in wants to illuminate probably the greatest riddles the game has to bring to the table. Reddit client u/GerbSnai as of late took to the page to share a fascinating find.

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The client posted a hypothesis about new areas for Destiny 2 that were indicated years prior. The picture itself is a pre-dispatch shot of matchmaking in Destiny 1. The last game had a comparative look, as far as observing rocket flying through the air while trusting that a mission will stack, yet there are slight contrasts. The greatest thing to note, in any case, is that the name “Burial chamber of the Dead Star” is on the base left of the picture, showing that players are preparing to land around there. Be that as it may, Tomb of the Dead Star has never showed up in Destiny.

u/GerbSnai is speculating that the Tomb of the Dead Star is about a spot that is referenced in the gatherer’s release of Destiny 2. There are bits of gossip about a falsely kept up star from before the hour of the game. It may be the case that players will visit this area and find that the star is currently dead.

The old picture could essentially be an area that Bungie had coming up for the game at a certain point, however it was canned being developed. It is extremely typical for designers to begin with a lot a bigger number of thoughts and areas than the eventual outcome sees. Once in a while those thoughts transform into DLC, and Destiny 2, obviously, is a game that gets constant post-dispatch content.

This isn’t the primary picture that Destiny fans have dismembered, and it absolutely won’t be the last. Bungie made an enormous universe to investigate and legend that appears to fill each niche and crevice of the experience. With such a major fan base, there is no uncertainty that riddles will be revealed with enough burrowing.


Destiny 2 Theory Thinks Old D1 Image Could be Significant
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