Parasite Director Says Navigating Virtual Set Was Like Playing an RPG

Parasite Director Says Navigating Virtual Set Was Like Playing an RPG

Parasite Director Says Navigating Virtual Set Was Like Playing an RPG

One of the characterizing highlights of Parasite, South Korean chief Bong Joon-ho’s honor winning dull parody about class battle, was the Park family’s extravagant house. In any case, the house doesn’t exist, all things considered, and was really made by the film’s CG group. In a recently delivered talk with, Joon-ho says that the group made a virtual adaptation of the house that could be explored like a computer game to help Joon-ho storyboard the film.

In February, Parasite turned into the main unknown dialect film to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards. The film narratives how the exploitative connection between the down and out Kim family and the well off Park family brings about a ridiculous battle for predominance. Pundits adulated the film for its investigation of class struggle, imagery, and dull humor. Presently, a year after it at first delivered, Parasite is accepting a Criterion Collection discharge, which accompanies a few select highlights, incorporating interviews with Joon-ho about the film’s creation.

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It is in one of these meetings that Joon-ho talks about the Park family’s home, which was the place the greater part of the film happens. However, the house was really a set, and not a genuine home. The outside of the house that was found in the film was really made by Parasite’s CG impacts group. In any case, Joon-ho actually expected to imagine a lived-in home so as to work out the storyboard for Parasite. To give Joon-Ho this space, the film’s CG group made a virtual, computer game like rendition of the house. The chief at that point utilized this virtual model to make Parasite’s storyboard.

Parasite Director Says Navigating Virtual Set Was Like Playing an RPG

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In the meeting, Joon-Ho clarifies, “You need the shooting space prepared to finish the storyboard. About 60% of Parasite happens in the rich family’s home, yet that house is a set… Those sets are constantly manufactured not long before shooting, so it’s difficult to complete a storyboard early. So what we did this opportunity is we thought of the plan for the set that the craftsmanship group and I concurred on and asked the special visualizations individuals on the CG group to make a virtual set dependent on that, sort of like a RPG game.”

Joon-ho proceeds to clarify how he utilized the virtual set to story board the film. He said that he could wander around the virtual house and change his camera settings to form shots as though he were playing a computer game. Before Parasite, Joon-ho was known for the Korean-Czech film Snowpiercer, which later produced a TV show on TNT.

The CG house is a striking accomplishment. The house looks so genuine that it got its own element in Archetypal Digest. Joon-ho clarifies that the group expected to get the house right, as it was a characterizing highlight that represented the Park family’s abundance contrasted with the Kim family’s abhorrent cellar loft.

One year after its underlying delivery, Parasite is a widely praised and crowd venerated film with subjects that mirror the world’s present issues and nerves. Parasite is so famous among watchers that it broke Hulu records when it was stream capable on the stage in April.

Parasite Director Says Navigating Virtual Set Was Like Playing an RPG
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