Valorant Sova Drone Out of Bounds Glitch Fix In the Works

Valorant Sova Drone Out of Bounds Glitch Fix In the Works

Valorant Sova Drone Out of Bounds Glitch Fix In the Works

Sova’s Drone in the group strategic first-individual shooter game Valorant has been the wellspring of dissatisfaction among its fanbase. The glitch being referred to has been found to cause game-breaking misuses over a few guides, giving an uncalled-for bit of leeway to players who abuse it, removing the fun from those playing reasonably. Fortunately, the game’s engineer Riot Games uncovered that it knows about the contention and is presently dealing with a fix.

In Valiant, Sova’s Drone capacity permits it to travel a short separation rapidly. This makes Sova probably the best operator that players can use to accumulate intel, particularly since his capacities permit players to look over corners and check whether there are approaching foes without presenting themselves to gunfire.

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Notwithstanding, a few players have since found a glitch that sees Sova’s Drone going underneath the guide and through dividers as opposed to taking off through the sky as robots typically do. In addition, this glitch additionally permits players to feature each adversary player the robot sees, giving them an uncalled for advantage, making it less diversion for those complying with the principles. Obviously, players abusing glitches are the same old thing, given that other online multiplayer games share a similar destiny, with the most recent being Among Us and its notorious intangibility glitch.

After various reports from players on the web, the glitch at long last advanced toward Riot Games’ mindfulness. As indicated by Valorant originator Rycoux, “we’ll take a gander at fixing these for the following patch coming up.” Unfortunately, he didn’t determine precisely when the glitch will be fixed up. In any case, given the negative effect that this glitch has on the general ongoing interaction, all things considered, fixing it is on Riot Games’ main concern.



Valorant Sova Drone Out of Bounds Glitch Fix In the Works
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