Destiny 2: Beyond Light Exotic Armor and Weapons List

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Exotic Armor and Weapons List

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Exotic Armor and Weapons List

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Exotic Armor and Weapons List

This week, Bungie released a tidal wave of new info regarding Beyond Light and the forthcoming season. A fresh roadmap for Season of the Hunt Gave players a summary of what to anticipate in the next four weeks out of fresh content such as the Empire and Wrathborn Hunts, Deep Stone Crypt Raid, Glassware Strike, and much more. The current information fall also gave fans an entire collection of new exotic things from the upcoming expansions, such as one that hasn’t been cited previously.

The bottom of the Destiny 2: Beyond Light Roadmap comes with a complete collection of new exotic armor and weapons. The present list contains twelve new items which have a mixture of new and familiar such as Hawkmoon, Cloudstrike, No Time To Explain, Duality, Salvation’s Grip, The Lament, Icefall Mantle, Mask of Bakris, Athyrs’s Embrace, Dawn Chorus, Necrotic Grip, along with Precious Scars.

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While a lot of them happen to be showcased in a New Beyond Light trailer, Such as the Warlock’s Necrotic Grip, Hunter’s Mask of Bakris, along with the Titan’s Icefall Mantle, the record does include a previously unmentioned weapon named Duality. There is almost no info to go on regarding exactly what this weapon is, even though it might be something tied into an exotic weapon pursuit cited in the roadmap or possibly a secret which could reveal itself as Season of the Hunt goes on. The community will enjoy finding secrets that Bungie has concealed throughout the franchise’s history.

Besides No Time To Explain, the listing also comprises the enthusiast favorite Destiny 1 hand cannon, Hawkmoon. Confirmed to be eventually returning following a programmer reveal stream sooner in the calendar year, Hawkmoon will probably be a part of the pursuit. Based on Luke Smith; the group will select the weapon at a new leadership. This probably means that its older perks, Luck from the Chamber and Holding Aces, will probably be taken out in favor of less arbitrary damage boosts.

Besides the complete collection of all exotics, the shows this week also have provided a little bit of clarity concerning the prior Prince Uldren. While fans were convinced, the Cosmodrome’s hidden Guardian called Shaw Han was really Uldren, the current ViDoc footage immediately disproved this theory. Prince Uldren Sov, a protector under the title The Crow, which a wonderful nod and nod to his former narrative before Destiny was rebooted, conserves Osiris out of a Hive Knight and combines the participant in the search for another sister of Oryx, Xivu Arath. The way many other members of this Vanguard respond to Uldren, although he does not keep his old memories after being revived, needs to be quite intriguing.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Exotic Armor and Weapons List
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