Adventure Field 4 Version Free Download

Adventure Field 4 Version Free Download

Adventure Field 4 Version Free Download

Adventure Field 4 Version Free Download

A long time later Atoa defeated his wicked self. Eras and Marok took the place as chief of Sarook. Atoa conquered the evil that was created but a higher threat was appearing upon Sarook kingdom… The fantastic dragon wars. Years after, King Eras son Edrian is convoced into the castle. A fantastic experience is about to unfold…
This match is a much more or less 20 hours semi open-world turn-based JRPG made together with all the Smile Game Builder engine.

It’s the direct sequel to Adventure Field™ 3… In this game you’ll need to battle your way trough dungeons and strong enemies to try out gathering spirits stone. Between the fighting along with the quest, you are able to cook, grow a few veggies, find hidden mysteries hidden at the evening and afternoon system made specifically for this game, attempt to obtain what individuals will need to complete side quests and locate many collectibles…
In Adventure Area ™ 4 it is possible to forget the old method of getting golds and things. You’ll have to locate many different torso to open in the regional chest opener! You’ll need to start lots of these to get all of the 25 accomplishments out there from the sport!
Having some trouble with a certain enemies in battle? Consult your imperial shield team partner Eserod! He’ll let you know about critters weakness and strengths! You may need his help for certain! So to make it brief…
Dark hours are arriving back to Sarook Kingdom…
The Kingdom may feel the burning spirits of this calamity…
The Kingdom will collapse again…
But maybe not if you save it…
We strongly urge to play the match using a control on account of the regular usage of this camera. It’s possible to play the computer keyboard but it isn’t suggested. To rotate the camera from left to right with the keyboard use the ( Q and E keys ), from down to use the ( F and R keys )… To zoom and unzoom the camera use the ( C and V keys ) and to reset the camera use the ( K key )…
The sport as been created entirely using all the Smile Game Builder engine also as been exported to Unity to personalize it at all! This game is a good example of what you could do using the SGB motor with no understanding of programmation whatsoever! Remember when playing This engine as some restriction…


Technical Specifications of This Release.

  • Game Version : Initial Release
  • Interface Language: English
  • Audio Language : English
  • Game File Name :
  • Game Download Size : 609 MB
  • MD5SUM : 2829780ccc37c2245e689f6a5fd4975d





Adventure Field 4 Version Free Download
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