Founders Fortune iOS/APK Full Version Free Download
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Founders Fortune iOS/APK Full Version Free Download

Founders Fortune iOS/APK Full Version Free Download

Founders Fortune iOS/APK Full Version Free Download

Founders Fortune PC Game 2020 Overview

Construct Your Village

Whenever your colonists arrive, they have only the clothing on their backs. You take control and let them collect materials and construct walls, furniture and flooring.
You aren’t confined to structures that are predefined! Design your own homes and design them to your liking. There are scores of furniture and construction components which you can use to produce the settlement you have always wanted!

Look after Your Own Villagers

The villagers are the top priority. In the beginning, you merely must supply them with shelter and food. However, the world is filled with risks! A disease could prove deadly to the most powerful warrior and a jolt can wipe out your whole settlement.
Every villager responds to events, joyful or depressed, and reflects that in their behaviour. Happy villagers will be given a boost for their productivity — Unhappy villagers may throw a temper tantrum.

Increase Your Loved Ones

Villagers go through a great deal together, so that they appreciate their friendships really significant. Some may even choose to begin a family — and you will quickly be welcoming new members into the group!
The small ones would be the future of this village, so be certain they have a happy youth and a decent education — sometimes attaining both may be difficult.


Establish your Farm

Food matters. Fantastic food makes colonists joyful, incorrect food makes colonists ill, and small food leaves colonists slow, and no food leaves colonists die.
Grow many different seasonal plants and establish a kitchen to produce delicious meals. Make sure you stock up before winter strikes and behave fast when a swarm of hungry bugs descends upon your subjects!

Survive Winter

Use the time you’ve got and be sure that you have enough food stored off, for winter is coming. Let us hope you won’t need to halve rations — since that’ll make your colonists feeble.
When supplies dwindle and the arctic cold wind howls out, it’s easy to drop hope.

Trade Goods and Get Rich

Word got around your colony has begun producing products. Greet traveling retailers and see whether you can find a great deal on some early scrolls or purchase extra food to get ready for winter.
Attempt to maintain production up so that you’ll always have something to market. A mature colony should pay good wages to keep everybody happy. If morale is low, extra funds may even purchase a very small bit of pleasure!

Research Technologies


Building your house is a very long procedure and upkeep and resources aren’t the only things that you want. Smart Settlers devote a great deal of time to exploring new technologies, thus unlocking better gear, brand new furniture and building components.
Select scholars carefully — if their character does not fit this kind of work, they aren’t likely to earn a great deal of progress.



Founders Fortune iOS/APK Full Version Free Download
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