Voxel iOS/APK Full Version Free Download

Voxel iOS/APK Full Version Free Download

Voxel iOS/APK Full Version Free Download

Voxel Tycoon Mobile Game 2021 Overview

Voxel Tycoon — a control sim place in the boundless voxel world. Mine tools and process them to products in your custom factories. Set up distribution chains and airline paths with a massive fleet of trucks, trains, and buses, and even flip modest cities to prosperous megapolises using a flourishing market!


The sport has over 50 vehicles representing eras from steam to electric, one of which can be locomotives, railcars, trucks (such as semi-trailers!), buses, multi-unit speed trains, and much more.
Every car has its own particular properties which you ought to consider when getting and the building includes these. As a result of our physics simulation, vehicles will act differently according to their weight, the form and volume of cargo they are carrying, motive power, and levels.
Flexible scheduling permits, among other items, to choose specific paths where trains must arrive in channels, or select what special railcars must load or load at any given stop. It’s possible to give mass orders with Routes or put up individual jobs for every vehicle in your roster.
Bridging and tunneling, together with a complete indicating system (you do not need your trains to crash into one another, would you?), let you total freedom to construct and expand your own network.


Organize mining together with mine shafts, then process the raw materials utilizing crushers, furnaces, refineries, and other machines.
Complex manufacturing chains need complex logistics! Lay out unique factories of your own by linking machines, buildings, and storage centers together with conveyor belts.
Fund and provide research of new technology, unlocking new structures, manufacturing chains, and vehicles.

Infinite World

Explore an infinite, procedurally-generated world full of exceptional biomes, from deserts to arctic tundra. Unlock new areas to locate rare resources and new growth opportunities. The planet is endless, which means you will never run out of space.
For the most prosperous tycoons, we comprise full-featured terraforming: turn the entire world into just what you need, all based on your own ideal strategy! Remember, however, it may cost you a lot of money.
The planet isn’t restricted to the traditional top Tycoon perspective — Free Camera mode lets you immerse yourself into the activity. Fly round in the first individual for stunning views, have a closer thorough look at manufacturing chains, and also ride around in your trains whenever they perform their job.


Every town has its own wants, which you’ll be able to meet to kickstart expansion. The larger a city receives, the more passengers and customers proceed in, meaning greater potential gain! The development of a town will not only increase the number of products required — higher phases of growth will go away from the fundamentals, requiring more complicated and costly products.
Remember that the worth of products isn’t continuous and depends greatly on your activities as the provider. Greater demand contributes to higher costs! As a final resort, you may always assist cities and company solve their fiscal issues directly by investing capital in their own development.
Do not just focus all your efforts on cargo — individuals have destinations for too as well! Handle passenger flow between towns, and do not forget to treat them with caution — distinct passengers are all going to unique areas.

Moddable from Day One

Voxel Tycoon is designed with abundant extensibility in mind. A good deal of facets can be modded: by altering existing config files to incorporating new vehicles and buildings, tools, manufacturing technologies, study, and some other supporting material to composing custom logic using C#. The sport is bundled together with the constantly up-to-date modding tools.
We encourage Steam Workshop as the simplest means to deliver lots of community-made mods for you.

Technical Specifications of This Release.

  • Game Version: Initial Release
  • Interface Language: English
  • Audio Language: English
  • Game File Name:
  • Game Download Size: 444 MB


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Voxel iOS/APK Full Version Free Download
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