Lacuna A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure Free Download PC Game (Full Version)

Lacuna A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure Download Free

Lacuna A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure Download Free

Lacuna A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure Download Free

Overview Lacuna:

The Save World Edition includes Lacuna as well as the match’s atmospherical soundtrack, which allows you to dive deep into the sci-fi noir universe of Lacuna. Additionally, Assemble Entertainment donates 10 percent of the earnings of the variant to Move to Give One; a WHO initiative that offers COVID-19 vaccines amongst other people for everybody, everywhere — prioritizing people who want them the most in nations that can’t afford them. In addition to this, it is the ideal alternative for those who’d love to encourage the job of the programmer of Lacuna more and do something great at precisely the same moment. Still, another cigarette tumbles into the abyss.

The sun is coming up, glistening from the ocean of buildings beneath. I look up at the stars one final time before they evaporate. They do not offer any advice. They do not offer a f*CK. I need to make this choice on my own, and quite short. The problem is, I really don’t understand how. I have never managed to determine why I do everything I do. Not really.


You’re Neil Conrad, a CDI representative. Awoken from the news of a murder, you dash right into a situation that will turn your lifetime and the solar system upside down. Ask questions, gather evidence, and place the pieces together before the ugly reality shows itself… or not. The story ends and branches according to your own actions. There is no going back. You can indeed hurry your way to the finish — if you do not mind paying the cost. Play your cards right, and you may make it out alive. Some queries do not have an ideal answer. Are you going to sell out a buddy to guard your loved ones? Are you going to undermine a loved person in exchange for public security? Are you going to maintain the peace or show the dreadful, world-shattering reality?


Lacuna A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure Free Download:

  1. Crime
  2. Save The World
  3. Collect

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Lacuna A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure Download Free
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