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Neon Wings Air Race APK Mobile Full Version Free Download

Neon Wings Air Race APK Mobile Full Version Free Download

Neon Wings Air Race APK Mobile Full Version Free Download

Neon Wings Air Race Game 2021 Overview


Elevate your gambling experience: together with the liberty of flying, you are able to browse through brilliant degrees and feel as though you’re in an aerial Mario Kart from the 80s (but much better ). Purchase and personalize your own ships, pimp your own hangar, find out how to use 7 distinct abilities to get revenge in your pals or best the Mobile: from Neon Wings, you can play up to 6 individuals, either LAN or on the internet.
Take your racing to the skies and fly!


* 3 single player game modes: championship, time trial, and race
* 4 race kinds: Knockout, Elimination, Rush, and Standard Race
* 5 progressively hard tournaments and their reversed variations
* 7 Distinct abilities that Improve Your experience
* 7 first music inspired from the 80s to feel the warmth
* 10 customization choices to your hangar (minigames, lighting, visual extravaganza)
* 11 custom paints for Each boat
* 11 special maps
* 12 upgradeable ships

7 Distinct SKILLS

* Nitro: The boat gets quicker for a certain Quantity period
* Portal: Players may take a teleport missile into another checkpoint which teleports them (and anybody nearby) into the subsequent mark
* Money Bag: Shoots a gold missile that spawns credits to the trail (not available in multiplayer)
* Homing Missile: Shoots a missile that automatically targets an enemy or a mine
* Mine: Places three mines around the trail behind the Player. These may hurt other players or deflect Homing Missiles.
* Shield: Prevents damage when colliding with walls, missiles, or mines.Repair: Repairs the boat to complete health



* Typical Race: Each of 7 abilities is readily available. You win by crossing the finish line.
* Elimination: All gamers have improved health, but just 1 life. The last one standing wins the race when there are numerous survivors, the first to complete is your winner. You merely have Shield and Homing Missile abilities.
* Knockout: Much like the typical Rush, however in each lap, the Player/AI on the previous place last gets removed.
* Hurry Each power-up changes into a nitro inside this mode. Win by being the quickest!

Technical Specifications of This Release.

  • Game Version: Initial Release
  • Interface Language: English
  • Audio Language: English
  • Game File Name: Neon_Wings_Air_Race.zip
  • Game Download Size: 1.8 GB
  • MD5SUM : 934145c3fd38d1b8c97b2ae7c885c55b

Neon Wings Air Race Free Download



Download Game[/su_butt


Neon Wings Air Race APK Mobile Full Version Free Download
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