Feed and Grow Fish Full Version Mobile Game

Feed and Grow Fish Full Version Mobile Game

Feed and Grow Fish Full Version Mobile Game

Feed and Grow Fish Full Version Mobile Game

Greens s.r.o published Feed and Grow Fish in 2017 as an Action and Simulation Mobile game. You are about to go under the seas!

View the 2017 Overview of Feed and Grow Fish Mobile Game:

Hunting other fish is essential if you want to survive on the ocean floor. If you don’t, you will make a great meal for the other fish!

You can hunt and eat fish, or you can grow into bigger animals! A survival game for animals based on the fish world. You begin as Bibos, the fish, and you’re ready to jump into the world of Feed & Grow. The developers are working on more mods and content. Future development will include passives and new fish abilities, and new content for single and multiplayer games with mods.

Developers want to concentrate on technical details and add new animations and features, making gameplay more enjoyable and smoother—a fun little game about fish that eat other fish. You can grow to be a bigger fish while still having to fear the larger fish. Although the gameplay is straightforward, it is extremely CPU- or GPU-intensive. After 15-30 minutes of playing, my computer fan went crazy.

Although the graphics look great when you crank it up to maximum, the game is not optimized due to its alpha stage. Developers recently added an “unlimited mode,” which allows you to grow infinitely without a limit of 10 levels. This mode makes the game more enjoyable since you can break your level or size record with different fishies.

Features of Feed and Grow Fish:

  • Hunt the fishes down
  • Become the most dangerous creature in the oceans
  • Different types of items to customize your big creature
  • Amazing environments to explore





Feed and Grow Fish Full Version Mobile Game
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