The Shining Miniseries Is Notoriously Bad But Stephen King Prefers It For This Reason

The Shining Miniseries Is Notoriously Bad But Stephen King Prefers It For This Reason

The Shining Miniseries Is Notoriously Bad But Stephen King Prefers It For This Reason

The Shining Miniseries Is Notoriously Bad, But Stephen King Prefers It For This Reason

Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation ShiningIt is completely unapologetically it’s own. Although it is based on Stephen King’s novel, the story is quite different. Remakes can be difficult to succeed when the original is so great. Originals are always the best, and remakes will always be compared. Even though ShiningAlthough it wasn’t original, it was based on a book and didn’t have to be compared with other movies or shows. Ironically, the miniseries of three episodes that Stephen King created for TV was ridiculed by many. People thought it was a “rip-off” and said it was inferior to the original movie. However, King was right to be insulted because the author wouldn’t have allowed the story to exist.


King did not like King did not like Stanley Kubrick’s novel interpretation of Stephen King’s book for many reasons. Jack’s character is the most important reason. In the film, Jack shows signs of being abusive and crazy even before going to the hotel. In the novel, Jack becomes violent and crazy because of the hotel. He was a loving father and a good man before that. Kubrick’s film shows Jack’s anger and aggression only by having it in a hotel. Stephen King wanted to tell his story the way he imagined it.


The miniseries was aired on the television network ABC 17 years after Kubrick’s 1980 film. Mick Garris, who co-wrote the fan-favourite Halloween film Hocus Pocus and has also directed many other Stephen King adaptations, directed the series. Stephen King wrote the script. Perhaps King chose to work with Mick Garris because he trusted his stories with the filmmaker since he had already proven he could make a great adaptation based on King’s novels. Unfortunately, Stephen King’s The Shining wasn’t received well and was even mocked (retrospectively).



In an interview with The New York Times, Stephen King was quoted saying, “Let’s put it this way, I dislike the film. King stated that he had always liked Kubrick’s filmmaking abilities. Stephen King believes Kubrick did not do Jack justice and didn’t write a strong character arc. While that may be true in a small way, it is impossible to deny the superior portrayal by Jack Nicholson of Jack Torrance than Steven Weber.


The mysticism that surrounds the film’s true meaning is perhaps why The Shining is so loved. It is all about the unsolved and unknown, which makes it more appealing and desirable. Kubrick also made many other films that became household names, making him an undisputed legend. This is not to diminish his work on The Shining, but it’s something to consider.


Stephen King’s The Shining received praise for its atmosphere, makeup, and pace. But now, critics compare it unfavourably to the 1980s horror film. It was nominated for two Primetime Emmys and two Saturn Awards. The show also received a 10/10 rating from TV Guide. People noted how creepy and masterfully crafted the pacing was. The miniseries was compared to Kubrick’s film, which made it difficult for everyone to dislike it. Although the effects and pace were initially praised, they are now considered dull and cheesy and, above all, not frightening. This is quite a 180 from what was previously said.



The criticism is justified to a certain extent since the effects, which were quite good, look sloppy today. The miniseries still has the late 90s, made-for-TV charm. It is quite entertaining to watch on its own. But compared to the classic horror film, it just doesn’t hit the right balance between creepy, realistic, and maniacally captivating–thanks to Jack Nicholson’s expressive performance. The cast of Stephen King’s The Shining was bland, uninteresting, and boring. Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining cast were so memorable and well-cast that many people around the globe still recall their names 41 years later.


Kubrick’s film is filled with unimaginable horror that leads viewers through a maze of twists and turns and pathways. Stephen King might be correct about Jack Torrance’s role as a minor character in the film. But, Kubrick’s entire film is fascinating.The shining was better than the miniseries.

The Shining Miniseries Is Notoriously Bad But Stephen King Prefers It For This Reason
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