No More Heroes 3 Review

No More Heroes 3 Review

No More Heroes 3 Review

No More Heroes 3 Review

Fans have waited for another mainline entry in this series.No More HeroesSeries for more than 10 years. Travis Touchdown fans were happy with the release of Travis Strikes Again back In 2019However, the spin-off title didn’t satisfy enough people, so now is the long-awaited launch of More Heroes 3The series is now available on Switch, and it’s even better than ever.


No More Heroes, a third-person action hack and slash series, was created by Goichi Suda. He is also known as Suda51 in gaming. Its M-rating heavily influences this series of games. It’s full of swear words, gore and other disturbing themes. Travis Touchdown, the main character, enters a contest to determine if he is the best assassin. He must fight off each boss and use his laser katana, which is basically a lightsaber, to win bloody battles.

No More HeroesThe present-day begins, and Travis Touchdown must once more climb the ranks of assassination. However, he will have to battle against an alien team. Some fans might believe that the gameplay is the same as previous games. However, this is not true. Players will typically start at Travis’ motel apartment in Santa Destroy. This is essentially a town that was inspired by the west coast of America.

To earn money for the next boss, players had to participate in mini-games or short combat challenges.InNo More Heroes 3It has changed quite a lot. There’s more variety to what players can do when they aren’t fighting bosses. Instead of earning a certain amount of cash by doing mini-games and completing combat challenges, players must explore the different areas and complete three combat tasks. You can also play other mini-games, like a lawn-mowing game and a toilet-plunging exercise you can, but they are not required.

It’s great to have so many fighting activities. No More Heroes 3 is a blast. Travis is now able to use his katana again, so veterans should be familiar with its controls. Travis has some new capabilities that can be used to add depth and complexity to the already basic combat.

Travis can use the X, Y and Z buttons to perform heavy and light attacks. When Travis meets alien enemies, the visual effects are amazing. Although the game is sometimes rough on the Nintendo Switch’s end, the combat scenes are always visually appealing.


Every slice of the katana has its own unique particle effects that are always satisfying. The game goes into slow-mo after every enemy death. Players will enjoy fighting enemies, no matter if they are simple enemies or bosses.


The game’s thrilling and chaotic battle scenes add a certain spice to the game. However, some players may be disappointed by the game’s performance outside of battle. When Travis is exploring Santa Destroy and the surrounding towns, the Switch’s frame rate drops pretty low, especially when using Travis’ turbo boost on his motorcycle. The draw distance is minimal, and texture pop-in can sometimes be quite disturbing. These issues are not common in battles, but players may still be frustrated by them.


As for the new abilities that Travis Touchdown can perform, there are four of them, and each one has a cooldown of its own. Travis can perform a powerful kick that strikes a target enemy with the first one they get. Another creates a small area that inflicts damage on enemies who are within it. Another allows Travis to pick up an enemy and throw them with telekinesis like a move. The last one can slow down enemies close to Travis, allowing players quick hits.

No More Heroes 3 Review
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