Stardew Valley: How to Get Earth Crystals

Stardew Valley: How to Get Earth Crystals

Stardew Valley: How to Get Earth Crystals

Stardew Valley: How to Get Earth Crystals

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  • What is an Earth Crystal?
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InStardew ValleyThere is many types of geodes, minerals, metals and crystals that players can mine. You can also find other types of geodes, rocks, metals and crystals.Mining in Stardew Valley can make players money can be used to help players make many different recipes. One of many minerals required is theEarth Crystal.


What is an Earth Crystal?

The Earth Crystal is a type of mineral that can be found in the ground.Mining in Stardew ValleyIt is not available in this location. Earth Crystals are required to create both the mayonnaise Machine and the Earth Obelisk. You will also need one for the Geologist’s Bundle in Boiler Room. Players will need one to make a Mayonnaise Machine, which turns eggs into mayo.Farming Level 2: 15 wood, 15 stone and 1 copper bar…


Earth Obelisk, Stardew Valley

An Earth Obelisk is able to transport the main character quickly from their farm to the mountains. It needs 500,000g, 10 Iridium Bars, and 10 Earth Crystals. Players for: also require earth Crystals


  • One Earth Crystal can be used for making a shirt in Stardew Valley’s Sewing Machine.
  • You can find random quests on our Wanted Board. Each quest grants 150 friendship points and 150g.
  • Stonefish will require five of these crystals to increase the number of fish in their pond to 5, from 3 to 5. You may need to purchase additional stones to increase the number of fish from 5 to 7.

To be able to create and turn in all quests, players must have at least 20 of these rare gems.

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The Best Places to Search for Earth Crystals


Levels 1-29 are the best places to find Earth Crystals. They can be found on floors 1 through 39. Players can also find them by killing Duggies which are located in levels 1-29. You can also find Earth Crystals in the following locations:


  • Rarely dropped from killing Haunted Skulls.
  • You found something in Fishing Treasure Chests.
  • It can be found in water when panning
  • There is a small chance that they will drop from Wilderness Golems.

Spend some time exploring the mines to find these and other rocks. This will allow players to get the Earth Crystals that they need and the other gems or rocks needed to create other recipes and earn Stardew Valley cash.


Stardew Valley: How to Get Earth Crystals
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