Far Cry 6 Pushes the Series Forward With Customization, Narrative

Far Cry 6 Pushes the Series Forward With Customization, Narrative

Far Cry 6 Pushes the Series Forward With Customization, Narrative

Far Cry 6 Pushes the Series Forward With Customization, Narrative

Playing for close to five hours is enough. Far Cry 6It becomes apparent where Ubisoft wants to take the game’s current formula and where it wants to go wild. The experience is generally good. Far Cry 6Fans of the franchise will be familiar with this entry, but it also pushes the boundaries in a natural way for the next-gen.

The Far Cry 6 demo had three sections. Two were linked to each other and one that moved the action forward. Ubisoft opens the game by allowing players to choose between male and female Dani Rojas at the beginning. Shortly thereafter, players will sneak across the rooftops and through the sewers of Yara, a bustling Caribbean island that is under the thumb of Anton Castillo (Giancarlo Esposito).

This is Ubisoft’s most common trope. It serves two purposes: to showcase the modern environment and establish the main antagonist. Rojas is expected to return to the area with an arsenal, but they cannot challenge Castillo. It doesn’t hesitate to show that Castillo is a vicious antagonistic of their CryLegacy also.

The Gameplay Basics for Far Cry 6.

After fleeing from Yaran’s capital city, Dani travels to Santuario, the starter island for Far Cry 6. Here, players will be introduced to the iteration’s chaos and the new systems that fuel it. There are also some interesting characters along the journey. Far Cry6 will still feel familiar to those who have spent time with the series. There are key locations scattered across the game map, mission givers to visit, and plenty of random encounters to witness should players choose to explore.

Gunplay in Far Cry6It is as sophisticated as ever. You can switch between your main weapon and a sidearm. Players can also use throwables such as molotovs, grenades, throwing knives, etc. Each gunfight can be spiced up with throwables (Molotov, grenades, throwing knives, etc.). Stealth can still be a viable strategy when it comes to attacking an Encampment. But when the bullets fly, Dani has all the tools necessary for a fight. The guns and throwables may seem familiar, but they are not the only things you need to know. Far CryThe Supremo is a completely new concept. The Supremo can be described as a backpack of destruction and is capable of performing many roles. Dani will start with a Supremo, which launches missiles at nearby targets, decimating everything in a concentrated area. The Supremo can be converted into several other options. For example, a mini-jetpack gives Dani a “double leap” and surrounds the area with fire. Or a support Supremo that casts a healing aura.


Dani’s Supremo is best compared to a Super, an ability that can only activate once a meter has been filled. This can be done either passively or by eliminating enemies. This is the main addition to Far Cry6, which adds a new dynamic to the game’s gameplay. The more damage-focused Supremo was great for single-player, but it felt equally viable in co-op.

Far Cry: Customization and RPG elements

Far Cry 6 remains an open-world shooter. Ubisoft, however, has added some RPG elements to the mix. The customization system has been integrated throughout the game, giving players more control over the story and the equipment Dani uses. Far cry 6 adds stats and perks to every gear Dani wears instead of a linear levelling system with standard upgrades. Each piece of gear, whether it’s a helmet, shorts or boots, has an associated benefit that supports different playstyles.

Although the perks offered didn’t significantly change gameplay, they were enough to make some decisions. Players could choose to have a faster ADS speed or a quicker reload using their choice of gloves. Far Cry 6 also features the Ubisoft transmog system, which allows players to swap out the visuals of any gear piece to match a particular style.

Gear customization extends to the weaponry that Dani uses, which can be crafted at several stations around the open world. Alongside the gear that serves as “loot,” Far Cry 6 also has plenty of resources that players can collect and put into the crafting system. It starts simple with the weapon, but then they can customize the sights, barrels, and attachments to make a gun their own further. Far Cry has featured some level of customization in the past, but it is the most comprehensive here. Players can even add on to their Supremo for some real fun.

While on Santuario Island, players are given a taste of the mission structure and introduced to a few key characters in Far Cry 6. Far Cry has flirted with player choice in the past, but it feels like Dani is the most active in the story. Dialogue sequences offer up the occasional choice for Dani to interject, and the camera pulls away from the first person to show them talking with the other characters. The player character typically doesn’t have a lot of agency in the proceedings of a Far Cry game, but in FC6, there is a lot more going on.

Exploring the Main Island of El Este

After experiencing the “tutorial” of Santuario Island, Far Cry 6 players will eventually jump to El Este, the game’s main area. Ubisoft jumped things forward to El Este for the demo and kitted Dani out with several upgrades and gear options. With the new firepower at their fingertips, Dani is more viable against stronger enemies, but the setup remained mostly the same. What was different, however, is the way Dani helps rally support among the Yarns.

Using the aforementioned resources, Dani can now build some structures at their “home base,” which, in turn, unlock upgrades. Unlike the gear and the weapon customization, though, the base upgrades seem to be structured so that players will choose their favourites to start, but eventually, they will have access to all of them. Still, it ties back into the idea that Dani is an active participant in building up the rebellion against Anton Castillo.

Castillo might be measured against a rogue’s gallery that has included Vaas, Pagan Min, and Joseph Seed. Still, with Giancarlo Esposito in the role, he feels like the most menacing antagonist the series has seen thus far. The demo only included small tases of Castillo’s role in the larger narrative, but there was enough to prove that he is a worthy adversary. With the new approach to cutscenes, the dialogue choices, and Anton breathing down Dani’s neck, it feels like Far Cry 6 is pushing the narrative framework of the series more than any other element.

Over the course of 5 numbered entries and half a dozen spin-offs, Far Cry has dialled in on its gunplay and mechanics, for better or worse. Far Cry 6 doesn’t seem like it will do much to convince detractors that this entry is worth jumping into, but those who have been along for and enjoy the ride will find a lot of exciting new elements to mix things up. Destruction is back on the menu, and Far Cry 6 delivers in abundance.

Far Cry 6 Pushes the Series Forward With Customization, Narrative
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