Gotham Knights Announcements Coming to DC FanDome

Gotham Knights Announcements Coming to DC FanDome

Gotham Knights Announcements Coming to DC FanDome

Gotham Knights Announcements Coming to DC fandom

There has been much buzz about the event—Gotham KnightsThe upcoming action-adventure co-op game in the world of batman. The universe is not connected to the game. Batman Arkham GamesIt has many of the same elements visually and mechanically as the original. There have been some gameplay demos, but there is still much that fans don’t know. Gotham Knights. This could change, however.

In October, DC will run its DC Fandom event, the second of its kind. The event, which will feature news about DC’s largest franchises and updates on any games in development, will repeat last year. The Gotham Knights Twitter account has recently confirmed that the game will indeed be present, so viewers will likely get a chance to see the Bat Family at the event.

The teaser features a Court of Owls member, along with the text, “no one talks about them. Not a whispered word are saidbeingThis may be a slight modification of Court of Owls’ nursery rhyme from the comic book series. It’s a cool tease for what’s to come, one that seems perfect for a faction as menacing as the Court of Owls. It doesn’t provide much new information.

Gotham Knights were originally supposed to launch this year. It is one of WB Montreal’s most significant releases in quite a while. Gotham Knights were delayed from March to 2022, giving developers more time to finish the game and making it one of the few titles to see such a delay in 2021. Development has been difficult due to the pandemic, which has thrown a wrench in release pipelines. The resulting landslide delay was more or less anticipated.

However, Gotham Knights may receive a new release date or a shorter release window during the DC Fandom event. Fans will likely see some gameplay changes during DC Fandom. This assumes that the delay was used well. WB Montreal should have plenty to show off.

DC Fandom will launch on October 16, 2021. This means that Batman fans won’t wait too long until they see more of the game. The delay will not push Gotham Knights back to fall 2022. It will instead place the game somewhere in the early part of the year. It may be better for Gotham Knights to land a bit later, considering how jam-packed January and February 2022 are right now.

Gotham Knights Announcements Coming to DC FanDome
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