Madden NFL 22 Players Plagued by Frustrating 'Loss Glitch'

Madden NFL 22 Players Plagued by Frustrating ‘Loss Glitch’

Madden NFL 22 Players Plagued by Frustrating 'Loss Glitch'

Madden NFL 22 Players Plagued by Frustrating ‘Loss Glitch’

Madden NFL 22Officially launched, but unfortunately, the latest entry in the franchise was released with many bugs. One bug that stands out in the discussion about the madden NFL 22 Franchise more people are severely hindered by “Loss Glitch”, which is a serious problem.

The Madden NFL franchise received a lot of criticism over the years. Some have complained that the game is nothing more than a $60 reskin. Some glitches have been reported in previous iterations, ranging from gameplay to the appearances of certain players. Electronic Arts stated that Madden NFL 22 would be free from these problems, but there are still many issues. For example, players can lose all their stats in Franchise games.

Social media users have pointed out the Loss Glitch over the past few days as the most irritating bug in Madden NFL 22. This bug appears to be mostly affecting offline franchise modes, erasing any win even if the player beat their AI opponent. This glitch changes the score and wipes out any stats that the player may have.

SBrudnok67, a Twitter user, highlighted several times. Madden NFL 22One of their major wins was marked as a loss. Although they claimed they had won a game between Jacksonville Jaguars and Seattle Seahawks 42-7, when they returned to the main screen, it revealed that they had lost 7-0. They didn’t have any stats.

The Loss Glitch is not the only issue that the game has faced since its launch earlier this month. EA Play had issues with the trial period for the title before launch. Many users complained that the trial counter didn’t work correctly and ran out of time before playing the full 10 hours. Electronic Arts responded to these complaints by extending the Madden NFL22 trial period and giving people unlimited access until the MVP edition was officially launched.

Many social media users expressed their frustration at this year’s entry to the franchise having such issues again. Many wondered if Madden NFL 22 was worth buying, especially considering the $10 extra for Xbox Series X/S or PS5 versions. These glitches won’t answer your questions.

Madden NFL 22 Players Plagued by Frustrating ‘Loss Glitch’
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