Genshin Impact: How to Go to Seirai Island and Take Pictures

Genshin Impact: How to Go to Seirai Island and Take Pictures

Genshin Impact: How to Go to Seirai Island and Take Pictures

Genshin Impact: How to Go to Seirai Island and Take Pictures

AsGenshin ImpactPlayers will discover many puzzles and mysteries on Seirai Island that will unlock various world quests. The “Reminiscence of Seirai” world quest is available. Genshin ImpactPlayers are asked to take four photos of different locations on Seirai Island to show Inazuma Adventurers.

It is recommended that before starting the quest, players unlock the Seirai Island Statue of the Seven and as many waypoints as possible in the area. The quest will reward you with 30 Primogems as well as 200 Adventurer XP.

Ask the Adventurers Questions

Players must locate a hidden photo to start the quest. It is located east of Koseki Village on Serai Island. To find the photograph, walk up to the shrine and choose the dig option.

After players have taken the first photograph, they will be given instructions to travel to Inazuma, speaking with several Adventurers. Oda Tarou will provide three more photos of Seirai Island to the players and ask them to take a photo at each location. Visit Sierra Island and Take Pictures

South of the altar, players will find the first location for a photo. Point your camera towards the Statue of the Seven, which is located across the water. When players are at the right location, a prompt will show up that says, “Camera has adjusted to the correct angle.” Next, take the photo and move on to the next location.

To reach the second photograph location, teleport to the Statue of the Seven across the water and proceed west along the path. After jumping across the broken bridge, walk towards the cliff to the left and Take a picture island is visible in the distance.

Teleport to the north end of Seiraimaru Ship for the third location. You will need to travel southward towards the Seiraimaru vessel. Be aware of the many enemies that may be encountered. Players will see a small island to the west of the ship with a warp gateway in its centre. Take a photo from the island, and then proceed to the ship.

The fourth and final photograph location is found by teleporting to the northern Amakumo Peak waypoint. From the waypoint, glide down towards the path leading up to the large crater if players have not unlocked the northern Amakumo waypoint through the Seirai Stormchasers questTeleport to the southern point and then head north.

A dirt path leads up to the large Amakumo-crater. Take a photo facing the crater by standing in the middle of the dirt path. Send the Photos to Oda Tarou

After taking the final photo, players can return to Inazuma to speak with Oda Tarou. After submitting the photographs, players will complete the quest and unlock the “On the Other Side of Homesickness” secret achievement worth 5 Primogems.

Genshin Impact: How to Go to Seirai Island and Take Pictures
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