What Marvel's Midnight Suns' Social System Can Learn From Persona

What Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ Social System Can Learn From Persona

What Marvel's Midnight Suns' Social System Can Learn From Persona

What Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ Social System Can Learn From Persona

Marvel superhero games are on the rise. Fans have witnessed a rise in Marvel superheroes over the years. Marvel’s Spider-ManThen, follow by Marvel AvengersThe future and what’s nextMarvel’s Guardians of the GalaxyThere’s a new game that goes with them, and it’s quite different from the rest. Marvel’s Midnight SunsBrings in tons of superheroes that no other games have, and then applies them toXCOMTactical combat based on turn-based tacticsMarvel’s Midnight SunsAnother another important difference sets it apart from its predecessors: It adds social aspects. The Hunter, a custom character that players can create, allows them to explore the lives of Marvel heroes and their relationships.

Midnight Suns doesn’t have to be the only RPG that incorporates social elements. Persona has been incredibly popular due to its Confidant and Social Links systems. These systems allow players to interact with NPCs, learn about their lives and earn mechanical rewards for getting acquainted with each character. Personals is a great franchise for Midnight Suns from which to draw inspiration when creating its social elements. Midnight Suns can learn a lot from Persona games about how Persona handles its protagonists’ relationships and how Persona’s social structure has changed over time.

Persona’s Strengths should Inform Midnight Suns

Midnight Suns should follow Persona.’s time system. The player decides when they want to meet their Social Links or Confidants in persona. Persona games allow players to organize their time and choose their own time to meet with their friends. Midnight Suns may be tempted by the limited time and small windows to tie social elements directly into the plot. Persona proves that accessibility is more important than realism. It is better to let each Midnight Suns character tell their story at their convenience than to monopolize their time.

Midnight SunsYou should ensure that each person and every relationship are mechanically meaningful. InPersona 5, The franchise expanded Social Links to Confidants, greatly improving their mechanical impact on the game. Although Confidants have unique abilities, they can also be very powerful and change the game’s direction. Persona 5 – The JRPG set is played. Ideal, Midnight SunsThe characters are equally impactful. Midnight SunsThere is team attacks that sound great for being friends with characters. However, the social sim mechanics go a lot deeper than unlocking team attacks.

Social Elements Serve Midnight Moons Well

Midnight Suns should also learn from Persona that it shouldn’t penalize players who make mistakes attempting to befriend characters. Persona used to risk that Social Links would lose trust in the player character and cause their relationship to collapse. Persona has since abandoned this. Players desire to make friends with colourful characters without worrying about the end of a relationship. Midnight Suns also offers a unique opportunity to Marvel fans, letting them hang out with famous superheroes.

What Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ Social System Can Learn From Persona
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