Why God of War Fans Should Keep an Eye on September 9

Why God of War Fans Should Keep an Eye on September 9

Why God of War Fans Should Keep an Eye on September 9

Why God of War Fans Should Keep an Eye on September 9

Since the first teaser, the God Of War sequel, fans have been waiting for more information about the upcoming movie. Many fans speculated that The teaser’s runes spelled out Ragnarok. God of War Ragnarok was the game’s title… Although Sony and Santa Monica Studio later confirmed this, the title was not officially revealed. However, many fans still hold onto it as a placeholder.

After the initial teaser, Sony announced that the next God of War would feature a PS4/PS5 cross-gen title. It was also delayed until 2022. All of this was without any footage, gameplay, or title. There has been speculation about the game’s appearance, often coming from unreliable and anonymous sources. This could soon change.

God of War: Ragnarok News on PlayStation Showcase

September 9 is the day of Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Showcase, where it will show off roughly 40 minutes of games footage for “holiday and beyond” at 1 PM PT/4 PM ET. The beyond is a very interesting phrase–it could mean that Final Fantasy 16 or Horizon Forbidden West get their own spotlights, but many want to see God of War. A reliable leaker mentioned God of War just minutes after the announcement of the showcase.

Special Nick has been reliable in the past and even posted a screenshot right after the announcement. This screenshot shows him asking a source (censored, anonymous) if God Of War will be there. He replies with a simple “yes.” This word alone gives us reason to believe that the game will be available. This is not the only mention of the subject.

Sometimes it is not what is written, but that doesn’t matter. For example, the PlayStation Showcase has confirmed that nothing related to PSVR 2 will be there, and that’s understandable. Sony should let its fans know what will not be there, just as it did at State of Play, where it didn’t mention Horizon or God of War. Sony knew that the two IPs were popular and would create hype. It could also be seen as a point of potential for the event without discrediting it like it did last year.

You don’t need to make it too long, but that could be used as a reason. An actual release date doesn’t have to be revealed, but another teaser or at least a proper cinematic trailer would be mind-blowing–something others have indicated the showcase would be. Many fans would prefer a proper name. The chances of it happening are higher than in past Sony events. That’s enough reason for God of War fans who tune in on September 9 to see God of War.

Worst-case scenario: It sets the tone for future God of War: Ragnarok News

God Of War is not the only reason to tune into. Sony showing more of its holiday lineup and detailing more games coming in 2022 is only a good thing for the PlayStation platform. Even if God of War does not appear, there will be plenty to look at. This potential never goes away, no matter how sure anyone is or what clues could be obtained about the event. It could also be a sign of God Of War if it doesn’t show.

God of War: Ragnarok is set to release in 2022, but that’s a wide window. Sony releases games every year in spring, summer, and fall. It could be released in April to coincide with God of War‘s 2018 launch date. Or it could be a summer title, which is not uncommon. It would make sense to start marketing God of War now, as the game is still 7 months away. This announcement could lead to further news in the months ahead.

If it does not show, Q1 or Q2 seem less likely. This still indicates that news will come, but it would be early marketing and not gameplay details. It wouldn’t necessarily be definitive if it didn’t show at all, but it would make it unlikely that the entire first half of 2022 will. However, the tone of what we can expect in the coming months could be set by how much Sony and Santa Monica show of God of War. This would at least allow fans to manage their expectations as the new year approaches.

While it is clear that God of War is in high demand, it is not enough to make Santa Monica or Sony show any game before it is ready. Rumors about God of War: Ragnarok will persist, even if it is there, and all of it goes to show how excited the community is for the next game. Although it may be a problem due to its popularity, such as the insatiable hype, this event will either calm it down or signal it that it is time to be reeled back in.

Why God of War Fans Should Keep an Eye on September 9
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