Vanguard Has "Huge Problems" Says JGOD
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Vanguard Has “Huge Problems” Says JGOD

Vanguard Has "Huge Problems" Says JGOD

Vanguard Has “Huge Problems” Says JGOD

Vanguard has many bugs that ‘JGOD” Godoy has identified. It is just unacceptable. He’s already listed the bugs for Activision if you have trouble completing challenges, or your rewards aren’t correct. These challenges are usually caused by the developer, not you.

Vanguard has not even spoken. They need to admit that they will fix this.

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Vanguard bugs

You can watch the video in which JGOD discusses everything.

These are my biggest concerns:

  • Vanguard has many proficiencies that are not applicable to all weapons. Some challenges are not even complete, so a QA team would have noticed that.
  • Reticule challenges are not available in multiplayer. Zombies don’t like the reticle challenges, but they work.
  • The Play of the Game is not working right. Everything is a mess. This is fine for a Beta, but not for a Gold Standard.
  • The bullet goes where it wants, the recoil doesn’t predictably.
  • Flinch. Flinch has just been broken.

JGOD highlights a number of problems with the game and, to quote him:

All the progress you thought you would make organically is not happening. If you are going to run an optic, then you should be working towards solving those challenges. They can still be bugged even after all these years. You shouldn’t be able to complete all the challenges in the game.

All of this must be resolved before they can take over Warzone.

Vanguard Has “Huge Problems” Says JGOD
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