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Apex Legends: Ash’s Glitched KillQuips Are a Desperate Cry for Help – and a Hint

Apex Legends: Ash’s Glitched KillQuips Are a Desperate Cry for Help - and a Hint

Apex Legends: Ash’s Glitched KillQuips Are a Desperate Cry for Help – and a Hint

Apex Legends is located in the same universe that Respawn’s Titanfall series. However, Battle Royale, which is free to play, initially appeared distinct from its predecessor. Kuben Blisk, Titanfall2’s main antagonist, and man in charge for the Apex Games, was the only tie between the two. After being retrieved in Season 5, Ash made her grand entry as the mastermind behind Arenas games. Now it appears that the “new Legends” trend is ending as another ex-Titanfall 2 villain has joined Apex Legends – this time, as a competitor.

Although Ash’s story is fascinating, because she has been around longer than many of the other Legends, it is easier to overlook important details due to the confusing way Respawn presents her plot. Although Ash is a familiar faceplate for Titanfall 2 players many Apex fans are still confused about her background, even after the episode of Stories from the Outlands revealed the answers. If you’re new to Titanfall 2 or just want to refresh your memory, read on for the most intriguing Legend from the Outlands.

Ash’s Past: Dr. Ashleigh Reed

Before the episode of Stories from the Outlands, Ash’s life as a human was unknown. Titanfall 2 describes Ash as a former scientist pilot who suffered serious injuries in the line-of-duty and had her consciousness transferred into a robot shell. She lost most of her memories. Although the Apex lore book’s ending, Pathfinder’s Quest linked readers to , a video which clarified some of Ash’s circumstances, the main focus was on Pathfinder.

Even after Ash’s riveting episode Stories from the Outlands debuted players still had questions. But for the first-time, viewers finally received answers to their questions about Ash’s history as a human, the history Hammond Robotics and the fine points of Simulacrum Creation.

The skinsuit, now Dr. Ashleigh Reid, was once Horizon’s lab assistant. She left her gravity-defying mentor behind to die in a blackhole, which prevented Newton from seeing his son. After Ashleigh had escaped from the Outlands research facility, Branthium, an naturally-occuring superfuel, was able to infiltrate it, Ash suffered a fatal injury. Wattson’s grandmother then impaled Ash.

Ash attempted to re-route Branthium deliveries that would have saved the Outlands from a potential energy crisis. Her plan, and her body, failed. She refused to lie down and die and demanded that she be transferred into a Simulacrum Shell. Ash finally steps into the spotlight after being rebuilt and destroyed several times. She also spent a few months managing the Arenas while she watched from afar.


However, all the light can’t save her from the dark secret hidden beneath her metal shell. Another consciousness has triggered a vicious internal tug of war that this foreign, cruel entity seems to be winning.

Ash, Pathfinder & Valkyrie

Ash was able to recall her name and the fact that Hammond had deleted several codes from her memory bank before he took her out. Pathfinder brought her back to his house and introduced her to Mirage, Rampart and Mirage. However, Ash was unable to remember her name and Rampart said something that caused Ash to have a complete meltdown.

Ash was flooded with past memories and began to hear voices similar to Wraith.

Pathfinder nervously led their guests out of the room, while Blisk secretly called Ash via radio. Despite her amnesia, she was able to recall some of her past lives, including one in which Blisk tried to kill her. Blisk made the decision to launch Ash into the Shadow dimension. Although the comic doesn’t give any details about his motivations and methods, it is clear that it was part of a deal Blisk had with Ash.

Ash and Blisk came home to Pathfinder and decided to have a private and personal discussion later.

Blisk asked Blisk, referring specifically to their plans to meet.

Ash responded, “I’m better that good,” as her retinal array flashed red. “I’m five-by-five.”

Viper, another Titanfall 2 villain who happens to be Valkyrie’s father, often repeats the phrase “Five by Five”.

Viper was dead for many years so players got the impression that Ash might not be the only one thinking. Ash introduced Valkyrie to the audience in Season 9 with a humorous voiceover. Her veins are laced with pilot blood. This is Valkyrie. She is just as reckless as she is fearless.”

Ash was a Pilot in World War II, so it is possible that Ash meant to refer to the fact that Valkyrie and Valkyrie can operate Titans. However, the comment about “common heritage” and the sudden eye-color change and demeanor while quoting Viper gave the impression that there may be more than meets the eyes inside the hollow metal skull.

Apex Legends: Ash’s Glitched KillQuips Are a Desperate Cry for Help – and a Hint
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